Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What My Players Are Doing When They're Supposed To Be Listening To My Enthralling Descriptions Of 10' x 10' Rooms

If you click on the picture, you'll see a meticulous list of magic-items the party's acquired. As for the rest...what is that, paladin-playing-guy, a bear wearing paisley? And what's with the bunnies? There are no bunnies in this dungeon.

The "fail" I think refers to the paladin's die rolls. The misspelled "Fale" in the upper left is a reference to "Yale" the artist's alma mater. As for "Don't Shake Me Lucifer" well, we were listening to Roky Erickson. As you do.

This drawing has been censored to spare your delicate sensibilities. Note the flail snail.

Yes, I made them fight a flail snail. This is largely because I am awesome.

The rogue player illustrates her exploits. Left--attempting to seduce the White Elf Amazon guard. Right--dwarf attacking the skin-stealing gremlin after it leaps from the hollowed-out-body of a party guest.

This character sketch was drawn on the back of one of those shiny lid things you get on top of mexican food. By someone with a master's in fine arts.

Somewhere in one of the 666 layers of the Abyss, they are showing this drawing to a 4-armed demon and going "Yeah, man, this is the palooka that natural-20ed you from behind."

Horst Von Chasm--1st level wizard--who survived a slime trap only to be crushed by a giant toad. He might've pulled through if the cleric hadn't decided Hey, he'll probably die anyway, why not test this red potion on him?

Hey look, somebody's mapping. Excellent. Note the "ribbit noises" in the lower right hand corner.


Al said...

Hah, awesome! :)

Rod said...

Do you use box grid maps or is that the player's interpretation? Also: "quaver pie men"???

Unknown said...

That's a player-drawn map.

"Quaver, pie men" is something a disoriented NPC said just before dying. It's a puzzle. Nobody could figure it out. The 1/2 orc thief showed up next session--she'd missed the last one--saw it and solved it immediately.

ze bulette said...

haha - good stuff!

Adam Dickstein said...

I love, love, love this kind of stuff. I have a small spiral notebook full of drawings, sketches and crap from old games with few if any notes or points of reference. Look at these drawings three years later and you're saying, "What that hell is this even? Is that an ogre, a vehicle or some kind of desk? What in sam hill were we doing?!"

Herobizkit said...

... So what's the answer to the puzzle? :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what's the answer to the damned puzzle? ;)

Glad I found this blog, by the by. It's very insightful and has me thinking of running an experimental campaign here in Austin.

Pere Ubu said...

The big troll-like guy in the first picture... with the curly-line tattoos and the one fang and the sword.

I'm definitely using him in a game at some point.

The bunnies and birdies... um, maybe not. ;)