Friday, October 23, 2009

Songs Useful In D&D Games Renamed To Reflect The Situations Wherein I Have Used Or Plan To Use Said Music

Eerily Quiet Place Where There Are Probably Bad Elves With Knives

Vs. Wolf Demons in a Waist-Deep River of Blood

Song Appropriate To Play Right After Your First-Level Magic-User Uses "Sleep" For The First Time And Everybody's Impressed Because It's AD&D So The Gnolls Get No Saving Throw

Encounter in the Chamber Wherein Dwells the Halfling Vampire Queen and Her Pet Vampire Monkey

Fighting Witches In Their Creepy Witch-Place

Yeah, Sure Villagers, We'll Take Your Money, We'll Solve Your Little Problem. Where? Over In That Ruined Subterranean Complex? No Problem. What? Yeah, A Little, But We Can Still Pass A Breathalyzer Test

I Know You Guys Know What's In The Next Room And I, As Your DM, Would Just Like To Reassure You That Everything Will Be Ok, Just Let Me Switch The CD, Now, Ok, What Were You Saying Your Plan Was?
(Dylan--"Fixin to Die")

Vecna's Bride Held Aloft In The Center Of Undead Army On Palanquin By Zombies Visiting Vengeance On All Mankind

A Dimension Warp Opens And Things Suddenly Get All Arduin and Shit
(Dead Link--Monster Magnet "3rd Alternative")

Emerging From The Dungeon To a Twisted Frostscape of Withered Trees

Helm's Deep-Esque Epic-Hopeless-Stronghold-Defense-Type Situation
(dead link--Metallica "For Whom The Bell Tolls")
You Summoned It But Now It Wants To Eat You So Now You Are Running Away
(I cannot for the life of me remember what I linked to here)

Any Scene That Feels Like RE Howard Wrote It

Any Scene That Feels Like RE Howard Wrote It (drunk singalong)
(I am guess in this was an Iron Maiden "Sun and Steel")
The Fact That Nothing In This Abandoned Temple Has Tried To Hurt Us Yet Only Makes Me More Nerv...FUCK!

The Fact That Nothing In This Ruined City Has Tried To Hurt Us Yet Only Makes Me More Nerv...FUCK!

Wait, That's The Same Flail Snail Who Killed My Last Character?
(dead link to Screaming For Vengeance by Judas Priest)
Goblin Attack!!!!!

Oh My God I Am Rolling Dice And Cutting Stuff Up And This Rocks And I Rock And You Rock And This Dip Rocks And I Can't Believe I Ever Stopped Playing This Game

(...Twisted Sister? Wish I could remember)

Heading Toward Certain Death On Viking Warship

Now The Viking Warship Is On Fire And There's People With Axes Trying To Board It

Pursued by Death Knight On Tenebrous Steed

The Twisted Chaos Sorcerer Has Transported Us To The Elemental Plane of Fucked-Up Stuff Erol Otis Probably Drew

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time To Kill the Plant Monster In Death Frost Doom But Look What Happened

Helplessly Watching the March of the Army of the Demon Prince That You Probably Should've Levelled Up Before Pissing Off

I Expect You'll Be In Combat For Another Hour So I'm Just Gonna Put This Bolt Thrower CD on Repeat (Bolt Thrower, obviously)


Chris said...

*throws horns in approbation*

Tangential question: are pig-in-a-poke links (ie: f'ing Youtube, shorturl, etc) bad netiquette?

Unknown said...

I don't understand your question.

JimLotFP said...

I think he wants you to embed the videos instead of just linking blindly.

Unknown said...


I thought it was more fun this way.

Rod said...

That would be a lot of embedded videos!

In high school, our usual D&D music was The Cars' Greatest Hits, because my best friend, whose house everyone played at, played that tape *all the time*. Other popular choices of the day:
-The soundtrack to Excalibur or Conan the Barbarian
- "Hells' Bells" by AC/DC
- "By-Tor and the Snow Dog" by Rush

Unknown said...

Google alerts has turned James Raggi into a Demon Prince--type "Death Frost Doom" and he will appear.

christian said...

Those song titles are epic.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, I've got one...

Hey that shady guy over in the corner looks like he might have some info, lets go talk to him

noisms said...

You just made me start listening to Monster Magnet again after a maybe 8 year hiatus!

Don't listen to Chris, it is more fun this way.

Chris said...

Not my intent to cause a stink, sorry if I did. I think I've just been Rickrolled too often to trust anything that just says *.youtube.* anymore. ;)

On the bright side: Screaming for Vengeance and the humble Flail Snail are now irrevocably linked in my mind.

vaudeviewgalor raandisisraisins said...

Getting all Arduin. Yes please, but using Bolt Thrower and Summon.

Anonymous said...

How did I know that "Now The Viking Warship Is On Fire And There's People With Axes Trying To Board It" was going to be Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song?"

I collect movie scores, and I've used quite a few tracks from them as background music for gaming, especially when I was running the Dragonlance Chronicles campaign. I think my favorite was using the main theme from Crimson Tide as Ember's cue (for those unfamiliar with Dragonlance, Ember was the Huge Ancient Red Dragon partner of the Dragon Highlord Verminaard, the party's nemesis through the first four modules in the campaign). The third time in the campaign I hit "play" and that came on, there was a general chorus of "Oh, shit!" They were on top of the Floating Tomb of Derkin, with nowhere to flee from the dragon....

BlindSquirrel said...

My group always started singing the Rolling Stones song "Shattered" when they fought skeletons.

Anonymous said...

For some good high weirdshit-o-meter noir style mood music, you cannot do better than 'God Speed You Black Emperor'. One of my favorite tracks (and by now probably a horror film classic) is 'East Hastings'.

Just listening to it again conjurers up scenes of something horribly inevitable. An unrelenting horror or a climactic battle for the souls of countless millions.

I can also point you to the sound the walls might make in your Gigadungeon, if an earth tremor set them thrumming. This is quite literally a guy called Stephan Micus playing huge specially constructed stone sculptures in a German Cathedral.

Finally, I don't do much music at the table, but I remember my 3.5 "Sharn City of Towers" came with a pretty cool movie style soundtrack CD.

Anonymous said...

"I Know You Guys Know What's In The Next Room And I, As Your DM, Would Just Like To Reassure You That Everything Will Be Ok, Just Let Me Switch The CD, Now, Ok, What Were You Saying Your Plan Was?"

This video is coming up as having been removed for copyright. What song was this?

Zak Sabbath said...

"fixin to Die"" Bob Dylan

Jesse Carter said...

Glad to see someone else listens to Amebix when they play. Monolith is perfect RPG music.
Amebix clone band Acrostix split LP w/Contrast Attitude is PERFECT music to play. I'll send emps if you want. The song "Eternal Winter" is the jam for D&D.