Friday, October 30, 2009

In Reality Good Religions Don't Exist

This isn't a full post, my post for today is actually the one below about pictures of monsters.

This is just the name of the post that I want to write but am not controversy-hungry enough to actually write containing my immediate reaction to this on the Bat In The Attic blog.


rainswept said...

This is the comment I would have written congratulating you on your well-thought-out post in response to that post on Bat in the Attic.

James said...

What's the worst that could happen? You'd just be railed against by people who are sure to misunderstand what you write, don't want to hear the truth to begin with, and aren't interested in the real history of religion anyway. If you do a really bang up job, you might even scare up an anonymous, threatening comment or two. Where's the downside?

Norman J. Harman Jr. said...

Good call.

The people who will agree with what you'd write, agree and don't need to hear it again. The people who will disagree with what you'd write aren't gonna be swayed (it's in the nature of their disagreement).

Maybe I'm too pessimistic but it's a pointless discussion. Esp when you could be talking about more hand snake stuff.

Of course, I rarely follow this advice myself. Feel free to rant on!

Felipe Budinich said...

Yep, it would be an exercise in futility to argue about it. The people that already understand this would just nod and agree, and even if you went and said something politically correct along the lines:

"All religions are abhorrent and malicious to outsiders"

You would still get fire and brimstone.

So yeah, just saying "I don't agree" is the optimal answer.

Tetsubo said...

I oppose all forms of organized religion. So you really couldn't say anything bad about them to my mind.

But I am a theist and believe that all people should hold spiritual beliefs.

Stefan Poag said...

The only problem I have with the other thread you linked is that it just blurs the line between fantasy and reality too much. I don't care if someone is an atheist or devout or somewhere inbetween --- the only thing that gets under my skin is people who feel like they KNOW what others should believe (or, worse yet, the people who use a belief system to legitimize some other agenda --- and, for the record, I've met annoying as hell atheists who seem to believe in not believeing with the same fervor as the most nauseatingly devout).

As far as I am concearned, people can (and should) run their fantasy games any way they want. Personally, I don't want a debate about personal morals or a lifeboat exercise every time I sit down to spin some dice --- if killing goblins is good and killing orphans is evil, that's usually good enough for me. Serious comparisons to real-life religions as an in-depth critique of human nature just seems like either preaching to the choir or trying to stuff my own values down the player's throats. I do, however, have my fun with satire towards real life religions in game; it just tends more towards black humor (and politically incorrect humor) than serious commentary on the nature of belief or faith.

Anonymous said...
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