Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Play D&D and Worship Satan

New shirt modelled by satisfied customer (and only neckbeard I have ever seen wearing one of my shirts) Nicolò Maioli. I asked about the quality of the print: It's perfect, no squares, not like "pro" quality but not plastic either - basically like any other metal gig t-shirt I own.

Get them here.  And on throw pillows, phone cases, blah blah blah. And they come in white, too:


Malcadon said...

Wait, "Play D&D and worship Satan [and Saint Peter's Cross]"? ;)

Puke said...

@Malcadon, naw fkk Saint Peter, we're taking it back :p

Casmarius said...

Satan's Warship:
Gargantuan construct, Lawful evil
AC: 25 HP: 666
Speed: 40, fly 60