Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Hit It With My Axe is Back + Other Good News

So some of you may remember we had this webshow which documented the girls playing D&D at home. 36 episodes and then...the Greek economy collapsed and our show, being the most expensive and time-consuming on its network (and a lot of work for yours truly to edit), disappeared off the web.

Well, after many tribulations it is back. New episodes start here (with a helpful recap) this week and the old episodes are being uploaded to the same YouTube channel as we speak. Stoya guest-stars.

The first few new episodes will be kind of re-introductions to the players and how they play, a little more gameological than the originals, and then back to the plot. New ones will be coming out every week for the next few months. The more you share and tell people, the more we can do.


And, yeah, if you haven't already vote for Maze of the Blue Medusa for Best Adventure, Best Electronic Book, Best Cartography, Best Writing and Product of the Year. Because if the books win fabulous prizes, it's easier to make more of them. It isn't on RPGnow or anything, you can only get it here. ("It smells good, too, in case you like smelling books").

If you're still not sure you want one, there are some very thorough and brand new reviews here and here and here and here, including videos and pictures.


In other good news, Contessa--the gaming convention by women for everybody organized by the inevitably awesome Stacy Dellorfano has been put on the list for the Diana Jones Award. Let's all hope she wins because, really, it's what Diana would've wanted.

This is shaping up to be quite a fucking Gen Con. We'll see you there, possibly hanging around the LotFP table Friday and Saturday. I'll be the one who looks like this:


Logan said...

Vote for the Maze with full points! Did my job, sir!

Dan D. said...

Dammit, now I'm actually wishing I was going to GenCon.

Axe Wizard said...

My girlfriend would not stop smelling that book. She snorts every OSR thing I order and this one was by far the most pleasurable. 10/10 a good sniff.

PapaJoeMambo said...

ENNIE votes done, checking out AXE right after I hit "publish".

Arkhein said...

Yay! More Axe!

remial said...

I'm so glad Axe is back. I voted for Maze, and do you think maybe you could put more of the twitter hate comments on your blog? Firstly because it is funny to see how butthurt these people are, and second, because the names give me a list of people whose products to avoid.

biopunk said...


Nick P. Cooper said...

I'm glad you mentioned the smell of the book. It's been sitting on my nightstand and I smell it at night. Very soothing.