Monday, July 25, 2016

New I Hit It With My Axe + Maze News + Don't Be Like Metallica

New I Hit It With My Axe today--
This one's all about Miss Mandy Morbid and the art of playing a rebel cripple leader cleric. Subscribe to Satine's channel to keep up.


Here's an in-depth interview Patrick and I did about Maze of the Blue Medusa where we talk about medusas, greek gods and that Metallica documentary, among other stuff.

And here's an Enworld thread about the Maze, kicked off when somebody said "Maze of the Blue Medusa isn't an adventure as much as it is a fractal."


There's a cheap charity Bundle of Holding featuring my book, Vornheim and a ton of other LotFP adventures including Seclusium of Orphone, England Upturn'd and the excellent Forgive Us available here. Get your weird historical horror and your warm inner glow all at once.

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Adamantyr said...

Great to have the Ax back! Your games always have great energy and are fun to watch in action.

I just finished reading my copy of MotBM and it was fantastic! Part of me wants to play just to figure out how to get Chronia and the Medusa together... or speculate on what would happen if Chronia met Captain Jack Harkness.

Good luck with the Ennies! Voted for MotBM in all five categories.