Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Useful 2015 Stuff

Hey, it's coming up on the end of the year. Bye, year.

The most popular and plussed posts of any year are usually the ones like this one about leaving the Escapist  that people visit because they matter outside the RPG-o-sphere and people plus because they want to show support for the position. But rather than rehash the year in game drama I figured I'd focus on stuff from the past year you can use in games.

First up, the interviews I did this year went over pretty well. If you haven't read them I tried to ask some questions I hadn't heard answered before:

  • Here's Stacy from Contessa ("When I thought for sure I was going to give it up, something amazing happened.")
  • James from LOTFP ("The decisions characters make in horror movies are more interesting to see and think about than the decisions characters make in action movies.")
  • Rey and Grey from the Break! RPG ("I took the name from an old joke my friends and I made about the Guilty Gear video games: ‘The game works because everyone is broken.’")
  • ...and Kenneth Hite ("So yeah, if you play a game I wrote set in the 1930s and come away more racist or sexist or Freudian or fascist or Stalinist, yes I think it's your fault, not mine or even Stalin's.")
In the practical gameables there's:

Vrokk, The Goblin Market, and other entriesabout details of the gameworld I'm using are all gathered under the "campaign" tag here.

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