Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Goblinforce Murdervengeance

Every goblin incarnates a bad idea. In this case--retribution.

For what? For all the fucking goblins you killed. They had families, you know.

They have some good ideas, too--like sneaking up on you using Greater Invisibility and coating your escape paths in marbles and flaming oil. They are, of course, horrible.

The even more horrible version is red goblins--who explode in a random baleful spell when slain.


These are the first you'll encounter--if you're lucky. If you're not lucky, they find you, scamper back where they came from, and then you encounter the suck-end of surprise round and a wall of bloody blades.

They have abilities as thieves of their level and can turn into large balls of thread about the size of a cantalope.
Sneaking Samantha

HD: 10
HP (AD&D/5e): 40/60
AC: As leather+3
Atk: Poisoned blade--melee or thrown + poisoned darts
Save each round or lose 3dice hp until you save twice in a row.
Other equipment:
2x flaming oil, choking powder, climbing claws, grappling hook, garotte, 1780gp worth of coins sewn into lining of dress

Mondle Beasty

HD: 9
HP (AD&D/5e): 36/54
AC: As leather+2
Atk: Short sword (poisoned) + crossbow (poisoned)
Poison= Save each round or be stunned for that round. Keep saving until you save twice in a row, then you're fine.
Other equipment:
5x flaming oil, net, telescope, caltrops, marbles, green slime vial, ornate (stolen) short sword is worth 3000gp


These are the ones that will chase you down, or fall upon you once you tumble into snares set by the scouts.  These three are Nilbogs--that is: they gain hit points when attacked, and can only lose them by being healed.

Carved In Black Iron
HD: 11
HP (AD&D/5e): 55/88
AC: As chain +2
Atk: Two attacks per round
Short sword+2, long bow, bite
Immune to psychology due to warpaint
Nurnvykk of the Mangling
HD: 10
HP (AD&D/5e): 50/80
AC: As plate
Atk: Mace+2
5th Level: raise dead
4th Level: cure serious woundsx2
3rd Level: growth of animalsx2 (usually used twice on the same animal), locate object.
2nd Level: hold personx2, grasping floor (Roll or be grappled by hands from the floor), silence 15' radius.
1st Level: cure light woundsx3, light, resist cold.
Brindleminsk Ninst
HD: 11
HP (AD&D/5e): 55/88
AC: As chain +2
Atk: Two attacks per round
Longsword+2, crossbow, Grappling hook, Net


They are in charge. Or, as goblins would say "They are lowly and subservient".
Batbite and Gork
HD: 14
HP (AD&D/5e): 70/112
AC: As plate +shield
Atk: Two attacks per round
Longsword+4, throwing axe+4

HD: 5
HP: 25/40
AC: As chain
Atk: Two attacks per round
Gore +5
Thrugness the Okk

HD: 16
HP (AD&D/5e): 80/128
AC: As plate +shield
Atk: Three attacks per round
Club or throw for massive damage
Nozzlwyse and the Swallower
Nozzylwyse (Witch)
HD: 13
HP (AD&D/5e): 39/78
AC: As plate (magic cloak)
Pick or sickle +1
Usually has at least:
6: Programmed Illusion
5: Animate Objects, Telekinesis
4: Stone Shape, Gr Invisibility, Polymorph
3: Haste, Slow, Stinking Cloud, Nondetection
2: Web, Darkness, Mirror Image, Hold Person, Suggestion
1: Sleep x2 Detect Magic, Grease x2 Tasha's Hideous Laughter

HD: 6
HP: 30/48
AC: As chain
Atk: Swallow
2dice damage per round after a successful swallow. The swallowed must make a Con check and a Dex check per round to successfully take any action.


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Mike Monaco said...

Very nice. The goblin LARPer pic is amazing too.

X said...

Immediate thought of the Murderous Redcap from Magic.