Thursday, May 14, 2015

Abandoned City, Goblin Fort, Alchemist's Home, Encounters

The numbers on this one indicate places you can put important details or encounters--the blue ones indicate exterior encounters, everything else is inside the buildings.

You can treat the interiors as cutaway views or as interiors of intact buildings. The positions of interior doors and stairs are usually implied, so only a little imagination and notation should be required.
These are made you can print out and write on them...

In this one, identical colors near each other indicate connecting interiors. The goblins can be goblins or whatever else...
 You can print out two of these, give one to your players and write details on the other...
This one is a d100 table for any kind of big dungeon or encounter area for a party around level 8-12. You write in the boss on the top and the cannon fodder on the bottom, the pink is just suggestions for the kind of creature to put in there.

You can just key the dungeon 1-100 or roll randomly for each room. The hit dice of the creatures is written down the left side.
 and a bonus, from the cover to the original Unearthed Arcana...


  1. Absolutely the loving the numbered pictures/fill-in-the-blank tools of the last few posts. You're leaving us with zero excuses for not rolling. The cubic globe in the bedroom/study picture is a nice touch.

    Just curious: does the influx of new game art mean you're Working on a Thing? Because that would be awesome.

    1. i'm working on Amazons of the Metal North, but none of this will be in it. I just did these because I felt like it

  2. Even better! Two different piles of tools, one for now, one for later. Rock on.

  3. What I really like about the maps is that it is harder to navigate through than a traditional map; or at least not as straightforward.
    It inspired me to such an approach for an upcoming adventure; a nightmare-like site where my players are heading. A drawing-as-map of that place may give the players the right feeling of how distorted the place is. Will ponder on this.