Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh No Devils And Elves

The girls were doing a D&D-themed photo shoot today. Laney did the special effects make-up--you may remember (Troy McClure voice) her as The Goth One Named Laney from such reality shows about special effects make-up people as Face-Off.

Here are some phone pics they took during…
Laney, Mandy
Charlotte. She wore a different shirt I think.

Connie got a fake nose. She looks way more like Sandy Duncan than usual.

Laney was able to come up with an awesome prosthesis to hide Mandy's horns and fangs
We roll tomorrow. Expecting like 8 people. Laney might still be wearing ears which'll be confusing.


Unknown said...

Very Cool

Jonas said...

Sort of like if there were a Shadowrun larp this is what it would look like.