Friday, June 20, 2014

A 3d One-Page Dungeon...

Complete with monsters, treasure and traps, courtesy of Mike McVey:
Click to Enlarge and Run
This one picture should have everything you need to run it--I flipped it so it "reads" left to right and added inserts of some enemies and features that are unclear in the main image.

There are a few figures that're obscured or hard to read even with the picture at full size, but those are just the adventurers Mike put in there running through the dungeon, so you don't really need them.


Darcy Perry said...

I have the ogre miniature in the top left corner!

shannonmcordo said...

I just love those old school Games Workshop miniatures, special the ones from Warhammer Quest, and Heroquest, great games too. The artwork of the first editions of Warhammer has a very special "weird" feeling (look at the Fymir).

Dan said...

Warhammer Quest! I think I played more of this than D&D over the years since it was quick, fun and co-operative. Could be played with or without a DM, a proper party-tabletop game.

Tim Knight said...

There was a layout similar (in my memory) to this in a very old issue of The Dragon, but I haven't been able to find it since. When I first saw this picture I thought this was the elusive diorama I've been hunting for decades. Guess I'll just have to coo over this one for a while instead. Thanks for sharing it, Zak.