Friday, February 14, 2014

Do Not Get Between Molly Crabapple And Stuff

Occupation: Artist, Writer
Character Name: Natasha
Class: Thief
Level: 1
Hit points: 2
First game: Thu Feb 13, 2014, Rappan Athuk.
Sessions played: 1
Sessions survived: 1
Conspicuous feat of heroism: Leaped on the back of the first ogre she saw, failed 2 backstabs in a row. Didn't get off until he was dead.
Natural 20s rolled against ogres blinded by sacks over their heads stuck in webs: 1
Quotes: "Do they have stuff we can steal?"
"Can I pickpocket them?
"If we kill them can we take their stuff?"
"Are the shiny things coins? Can we take them?"
"Copper? What's that good for? Is it worth anything?"
"Now that they're dead, do they have any stuff we can steal?"


Dyvers said...

If she sang "Whistle While You Work" while she was on the back of the Ogre she might be my wife.

Legion said...

Thank you for making a good post better.

Anonymous said...

From the quotes, it looks like she picked up what it means to be a thief pretty darn quick.

luKpo said...

'Are the shiny things coins? Can we take them?' That's lovely...
I'm trying to join the RPG blogging community, so I'll use your blog as a reference point. I'll 'join the site' and would love it if you checked my tabletop roleplaying related entries

David Pretty said...

Sounds like Molly's a natural. Was this just a one-shot for her or do you think she's hooked?

Zak Sabbath said...

Ask her: