Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Contessa Online Con Events That Look Good That Aren't Full Yet + Some Cool Tables

Contessa 2014, The Con Where Women Do All The Boring Parts, is coming up soon--I had a blast last time killing a metal alligator in a competitive dungeon crawl that we totally lost. This year I'm crawling again with Team Mimic against the surely doomed Team Displacer Beast right before I GM my own weekly game for 9 hours or whatever. So that'll be weird.

Anyway, all 4 of the head-to-head dungeon crawl slots look full, but there's other stuff. If you're new to online games Contessa is a good way to meet people who aren't appalling basement freaks to play games with on-line.

Here are some things I'd be doing if I had the time/awakeness that aren't full yet:

  • AD&D Mines of Anashti--seems like an open-sandbox political or dungeoncrawl thing--3pm Eastern Sunday.
  • Tatterdemalion--an OSR-style game by the eloquent and basically totally Zak-approved Shoepixie. Who, as the name implies, likes to keep it whimsical. 4pm Eastern Saturday.
  • Trash Planet! Likewise by the redoubtable Shoe--I've played it, it's a sort of scavenger sci-fi Friday 5pm Eastern.
  • You had me at Call of Cthulhu 1920's.  3pm Eastern Saturday.
All this business sign-uppable for here. Is that english? Whatever. DOUBLE CHECK THE TIMES--I may have converted from Pacific wrong.

If you are of the female persuasion and want to run an event, Stacy Dellorfano is still accepting game and event proposals.

In other news:

  • Chris Tamm has been on fire lately with the random tables. Here's his witch table.

  • Very cool magic swords from Dungeon of Signs. Each one has a simple, evocative detail that makes it stand out.

  • Side Effects of Being Resurrected table. A lot of good things here: "You don’t know how or why, but you know where 7 girls are buried. They all look exactly the same. One of them is not dead."


Jesse said...

Side effects of being resurrected #2: "When the player laughs, the sound of a goat laughing is heard echoing in the distance." Eeuh, I don't feel this feeling every day. And that's only #2. Thanks for all this great stuff! Somehow I wasn't aware of Contessa until yesterday.

Konsumterra said...

cheers i though my hits were up this morning
also there is this auto citadel generation page here based on my tables which i think was partly your suggestion

Unknown said...

Didn't see it mentioned but today is William S. Burroughs centennial! It was one hundred years ago today, Bill Lee first entered the Interzone, were he got his first taste of black centipede guts and glimpsing into the Dream Machine with the mugwumps at the Meet Cafe.

Happy B-Day Ill Hombre Invisible. Gonna celebrate with a bottle of Yage.