Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vornheim, Stonehell, Eldritch Weirdness, The God That Crawls, Warm Inner Glow

The Bundle Of Holding has packaged up some DIY D&D classics--and that thing I wrote--to sell them to you and help those in need while doing it.

In order to get Vornheim you have to pay more than average for the bundle--so more than like 12 bucks or so at the moment. But the faster you do it, the cheaper it is.

Also in the bundle:

Swords & Wizardry and Adventurer Conqueror King (no need to pick your clone! Mash 'em up)
Matt Finch's Eldritch Weirdness (the most inventive and inspiring collection of spells the Old School's produced)
Tomb Of The Iron God (also by Matt Finch so probably awesome)
Stonehell (the only big dungeon you can actually use at the table!)
The God That Crawls (cute map tricks and bad blobs!)

and more...

So, yeah, if you've ever had any interest in any of this stuff, I recommend doing it now, while it's cheap and helps people with cancer and feeds the homeless.

Only 4 days left...

And now, the best promo video in the history of selling stuff



Unknown said...

I actually missed Mandy. :) <3 And her two friends too.

Anonymous said...

The world is made better with Sifl and Olly references.

Devin H. said...

I picked this bundle of holding up and opened up Vornheim after reading this post and I have to say - there is more (usable, fantastic) content in the first 5 pages of Vornheim than I have seen in any other published module/setting/what have you to date.

Thank you for making this and thank you for convincing me to buy it.

Zak Sabbath said...

See Devin, I think "Oh everybody knows about Vornheim and how it's good I should shut up about it and stop blogvertising it and go back to writing useful stuff" and then someone like you comes along and ruins it for everyone.