Friday, November 22, 2013

d10 Seasonal Modules Someone Should Write

1 Fuck This Sugarplum Palace

2 Unlimited Access To Every Single House With A Chimney And At Least One Christian Inhabitant For One Night Only

3 The Rat King Was Right The Nutcracker Is A Devouring Menace

4. Biscuits, Ice And New Machines

5 Toyhammer of the Weasel Elves

6 The Bishop of Turkey and His Six To Eight Slaves

7 Inside The Turkey Is A Duck And Inside That Is A Chicken And Inside The Chicken Is The Entrance

8 Your Grandmother's House Is Basically Wolf-Themed

9 The Reward For Your Year Of Sloth And Sin Is This Reeking Anthracite

10 Black Metal Frost Giants Of The Hatemountain Demand Toys


Konsumterra said...

santa is showing the party his time machine when through a wormhole comes the cybersanta fro m the future to hunt down all past Santas and destroy xmas. Kids defeat him with Santa but cybersanta goes back in time. Kids and Santa follow to the mist shrouded woods at the dawn of time where the horned Santaclaws dwells in the woods punishing and rewarding cave hunters. Cybersanta and blood covered Santaclaws duke it out and kids have to help him or xmas doomed forever.- i am willing to sell the movie rights

JudgeMingus said...

My favourite Christmas story:
Not very gamable, but it sort of fits with #2 above in a twisted way.

Anonymous said...

How about that claymation Rudolph thing with the Island of Misfit Toys? The Abominable Snowman in that scared the living shit out of me when I was a kid. It doesn't need much DnDification; taken seriously, it's already plenty horrible.

To make anything to do with Santa scary and awesome, use the version from the story, "The Filmmakers of Mars" by Geoff Ryman. Link.

Finally, what I'd like to hear this holiday season: Dokken Around the Christmas Tree.

Warbeard said...

Totally doing the Black Metal Frost Giants of Hatemountain.

Unknown said...

11. Santa is Old Epimethius and Pandora is his bride, but even they have gone sour on their obligations to the human race....
copywright me