Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Notes From The Echo Palace

Name of dwarf pirate leader who entrusted his henchmen to you: Albrecht of the High Seas

Number of dwarves he kept with him: 7

Number of stubwolves they keep: 10

Number of dwarven prisoners they have: 4

Name of human prisoner: Rose Red

Dwarven henchmen left in PC party: Dopey and Bashful (conjoined twinned together), Doc and Happy (conjoined twinned together)

Elf henchmen left in party: Smart, Extroverted, Sickly

Name of Unfrozen Omnithroxian-Era Human In Party: Epicaste

Name of Dryad Malice is Trying to Mack On: Eidothera

Monsters released by Malice When He Encountered Vomiters: Galeb Duhr, Fire-Breathing Stone King, Gargoyle, Stag Demon, 3 elves, Mountain Giant (deceased), Drider (deceased)

Hex where Malice Aforethought's Father is: 440

Doors In Portal Room Which Still Currently Have Runes On Them: Hexenbracken door, Far (faerie) Lands door



Unknown said...

I should probably know this already, but I am eager to learn about the "Fire-Breathing Stone King", what is that?

Nate L. said...

This also reminds me that I wish I knew more about the Star Witch, her rolling fortress, and how it was destroyed...

I'm glad to see that pirates are fairy-tale themed in your campaign. It feels right but uh why is that, anyway?

Zak Sabbath said...

Wait, we're doing reasons now?

As forthe Star Witch
The PCs have yet to meet her, actually, only seen her rolling fortress crash. Her machinations are as yet unrevealed.

Nate L. said...

Hm, ha, okay, point taken

Suddenly my campaign has room for a rolling fortress, though there are so many witches (and lichkings) already I don't think another of those would sit on the throne there, and who knows where exactly it's rolling . . . through a desert, or fog-covered merelunds. . .? Is it steam driven, led by elephants, animated by a cruel heart, or . . . ? And where is it rolling to? Geez, so many choices.