Sunday, July 28, 2013

More Alice Art

More art from "A Red And Pleasant Land", the upcoming Alice-themed project for LOTFP.

EDIT: Here's a better picture of these guys...

This one is REALLY big so you kinda have to click on it for the full effect



Unknown said...

I see Mandy, and Skin Diamond and another Mandy. Is Kimberly in there too?
Can't wait Zak!

Porky said...

Thanks for sharing them here. From what you've posted on the project so far I'm interested more in the idea of it than the possibility of a finished version, so I can't be sure I'll ever pick it up, but the interest very definitely covers the art.

Jonas said...

Thanks for sharing, I read the earlier post about the chessboard style megadungeon style campaign world and you had chess of gods in Vornheim, is there going to be more chess nerdery in Alice to justify whipping out the chessboard?

Zak Sabbath said...

a little yeag

Jonas said...