Monday, July 29, 2013

I Like It

I like when players get captured.

I like when new players have to be recruited to rescue old players from ingenious goblins.

Severen (elf druid), Miloux (elf cleric), Laney (halfling ranger)

I like when beastmen show up.

I like when everybody thinks they won but then the last beastman standing drags an unconscious PC into the forest saying "Any closer and I cut her throat".

I like when the new players let the beastman go because they don't want her to die but then think to have their animal companion cobra bite the beastman while he's distracted by another players' flying squirrel animal companion.
I like being there when it's the first time a girl casts Summon Monster and she closes her eyes and reaches down into the box full of dozens of monsters and pulls out a fucking unicorn.

I like getting to describe Cobalt Reach to people for the first time.

I like getting to show people this map...

I like when they save the pope of Vornheim from a cage and I get to do his voice.

I like when they get to the shores of the Sea of Ignorance and Pain and I roll to see if there's a ship and there is, and it's full of bards and they get them drunk and they steal their ship.

I like when everyone recognizes bards suck.

I like when the party fights an aspidochelone.

I like when the druid turns into an octopus.
I like when people are like "THIS GAME IS SO COOL!"

i like that.
I like the after-action reports.

I like the videos the girls made...

I like it all very much.


Luca Lorenzon said...

I really like your players.

Unknown said...

so, the mini's go into a bag or box? and then they no-look draw one and *that* is their summon monster? brilliant. I like it when I steal tech from Smith.

gerard said...

I'm envious because I've never had a new player to the game to run for (I've run for the same veteran group for two decades), much less three to win over so successfully. Sounds like a great session.

Nate L. said...

I thought about doing that but I don't have enough mini's . . . and a random table doesn't seem to compete. How would you handle later Summon Monster spells, though? Simply more HD?

Zak Sabbath said...

I just assume the monster has hd commensurate with the level of the spell.

christian said...

That Summon Monster idea (with HD commensurate to spell level) is radical. I have tons of minis so I think there's a lot of fun to be had. :)

vytzka said...

I like it how you and your crew are so enthusiastic about playing games. It's very refreshing.