Monday, April 22, 2013

Shadowy, narrow, and consistently hovering around ~480–400 Terahertz

Thanks to Trey for tracking down this picture of Satana by Mike Vosburg. I always imagined this is what Mandy's tiefling cleric looked like.

Basically, whatever it says on the tin: she's a witch.  Like any other witch I'm sure she has a whole theology and a god and an excellent scriptural reason for Causing Serious Wounds on you right now but, dude, she's a witch.
Actual Mandy with daemonettes--the unit she uses most in Warhammer 40k

Her D&D mini. from Reaper

One of her Rouncy/Palfrey mechs for Mekton/Pendragon

Her destrier mech
The Sister of Battle is another 40k favorite, though this obviously could double as a cleric of Vorn
Did a sci fantasy hexcrawl & Mandy based her PC on Shadow Weaver from She Ra
her teenage mutant ninja turles/Mutant Future character
Not a lot comes up when you google "female adeptus mechanicus" but Mandy plays one in Dark Heresy
EDIT: Here we go...

She also plays a dwarf named Jam in Rappan Athuk. I have no idea if he has a mohawk or red hair, but I am going to pretend he does because he's not tall, skinny or mysterious and I need to preserve the aesthetic consistency of this blog entry.


Lasgunpacker said...

I like this sort of post, because it is always interesting to see how people visualize their characters.

Although, that tech adept is a bit boring. Maybe more like this one?

Zak Sabbath said...

dead link

Zak Sabbath said...

That works:

Jeedy Jay said...

The "destrier mech" appears to be a Geth (from Mass Effect). I've seen her post about her appreciation for those games, so why not?

Zak Sabbath said...


Adam Dickstein said...

Happy Birthday Mandy and a happy spotlight day to Mandy's characters.

She makes Metal fun!

Droctulft said...

John Blanche also did a tech priestess thing:

Arthur Fisher said...

Did Mandy ever play someone in FASERIP?