Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little Kimberly Kane Appreciation

Left: Porn. Right: Brand X Official Warner Brothers TV show.
So the press has seemed to notice...

That our Dungeons and Dragons group's barbarian-turned-druid looks like she's going to be a way better Wonder Woman than the mainstream movie people have managed to scrape together.

So I think this calls for a brief moment of Kimberly Kane Appreciation.
Kimberly has been Scully, Beverly Crusher,  Maude Lebowski and a blue alien...
...she's turning into a pretty good photographer...
...missed dinner last night because she was working for the Free Speech Coalition, rolls more 20s than any player I've ever seen...
...and anybody who's seen our D&D show knows she's really good with a lasso

Also, her character sheets are totally metal:

And, by the admittedly not terribly high standards of the adult film industry, she's pretty professional.

So she did some research, which consisted of coming over to our house and asking Mandy to show her Wonder Woman comics.

So Mandy showed her the George Perez run...
...and Adam Hughes covers...
...and the Justice League cartoon...
..and I told her that the guy who created Wonder Woman was a shrink who invented part of the modern lie detector test who believed in therapeutic bondage to prepare men for a coming female-dominated future and lived with his wife and girlfriend. Which is true.

So, y'know, ClubD&DWithPornStars is doing its part to keep standards high in the world of Movies You Get For Your Birthday From People You're Not Sure Like You.



mordicai said...

Yeah I've been watching the blogosphere react to that (super spectacular) WW shot & being all woo TeamDnDWithPornStars.

Jesse said...

All that and she works with the Free Speech Coalition? Kimberly Kane, you are appreciated. Everything written here is too fantastic to be true, but like a lot of things associated with D&D With Porn Stars, somehow it is true.

And what the fuck about Wonder Woman's creator, that is ALSO too fantastic to be true.

Knightsky said...

"So Mandy showed her the George Perez run..."

Mandy has good taste in WW comics. The Perez run is one of the few that still holds up nicely today.

(Why do so many otherwise talented creators screw up WW as a character? Why?)

Anonymous said...

I love that little direwolf. The action lines make it look like an exciting commercial release. "COMING IN JANUARY-"

Roger G-S said...

You won't catch her in no Khakis from Gap Wonder Woman outfit.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

First off as a long, long time Wonder Woman fan (I have academic papers on Wonder woman older than KK) I love this.

(and I spent a lot time studying the work of WMM too, he was a freak, but a great freak.)

My wife and I recently watched The X-files video and frankly we thought she was a FANTASTIC Scully, she killed it really.
I liked her as Bev Crusher too. Not enough of her in Trek though.

I was hoping that she had used some the things from your group in that video. Give it an air of authenticity. ;)

So congrats to KK. I normally don't this (Chicagoan normally are not autograph hounds), but I'd kill (well not really kill but you know I mean) to have an autographed copy of her Wonder Woman video.

Matrox Lusch said...

"Beside the land of Chaldea is the land of Amazonia, that is the land of Feminye. And in that real is all woman and no man; not as some may say, that men may not live there, but for because that the women will not suffer no men amongst them to be their sovereigns. In that land they have a queen that governeth all that land, and all they be obeissant to her. And always they make her queen by election that is most worthy in arms; for they be right good warriors and orped, and wise, noble and worthy. And they go oftentime in solde to help of other kings in their wars, for gold and silver as other soldiers do; and they maintain themselves right vigourously." ~ John Mandeville

velaran said...

KK is awesome in every way, so it's no real surprise she rocks WW. The outfit she's wearing is pretty cool in its own right, though. The other outfit looks like it's from a Party City or something, so I guess it's 'pornier'. :-/

I love that she actually did research on this.(Her 'mainstream' counterparts would most likely not even bother...) It rocks even more that the seminal 80's artist, George Perez, figures in to this as well. Mandy has excellent taste in classic comics, it seems!

This shit right here better be in the film:

"I'm lassoing his ass!" "Critical Lasso!"


"I'm like this: (swings arms in chopping attack/superhero running motion)'fshoo, fshoo, fshoo',
'I have my Battleaxe out!'"(Most especially the last two quotes. :-) )

Congrats to KK on her involvement with the Free Speech Coalition. An absolutely worthy cause. And not just 'cuz their work encompasses issues directly affecting her occupation, but it truly benefits everyone.

Her photography is stunning; I hope she does put together that photo book she mentioned on Twitter a short time ago... She's even taken cactus needles to her feet to get a good shot. True dedication. ;-)

Not to mention her 'work' on Axe as well. Man, I miss my weekly dose of IHIWMA... Thanx to you guys again for the best show I've watched in ages, btw.

Her character sheet is 2Sweet. I particularly like the detailed Medusa Head. And of course, the Baphomet! So AD&D. Yay for DIY PC sheets!

On the subject of artistically enhancing one's Character Record, from my Web driftings over the past few years, it seems quite a few Netizens didn't indulge in this practice bitd and don't tend to do so in the present, either. This is odd to me, since the majority of players in *every* *one* of my groups(comprised of a diverse number of people, not just a homogenous lot from one social phyle) tended to detail the Hell outta theirs! I'm a huge mark for this, so I was thrilled to see the DDWPS' sheets were customized, rather than printouts or tracked via electronic means.

The 4th of April day should become Kimberly Kane Appreciation Day from now on. Seriously. Let's make it so.

Tangentially, is the current Sueno still 7?

Zak Sabbath said...


Neil Willcox said...

But the important question is, will the film give us a similarily high production value invisible jet?

Zak Sabbath said...

It's right there.

Dr Vesuvius said...

KK sure nailed the amazonian warrior look in that still. I'm sure there are plenty of us geeks wishing this was a straight mainstream WW movie.

Fact is I can't watch KK in porn now. I just keep seeing the fucking metal, kickass D&D barbarian KK instead. So, y'know, thanks a bunch for that Zak.