Sunday, March 3, 2013

What's a 15th level Cleric Look Like In Your Game?

Sister Superior, Vornheim, Year of the Incinerator

In other news, Jez, a player in my on-line game, wrote this largely accurate love letter to the Cobalt Reach's newest warlord.

Cleric from Italian Vogue, brought to my attention via Jeff's Tumblr


wrathofzombie said...

Jez showed me that post this morning. Very kick ass sounding adventures! Long live God Rider!!

Here is the king (and prophet) of The Twisted One- a god who preaches incest and purity of blood-

Here is a priestess of Yelsa- goddess of sex and violence-

Finally here is a priest of The Corpulent One- god of obsession, want, and excess-

NaldoDrinan said...

A high level Cleric of the Madoukami; devoting oneself so thoroughly to a deity can cause one to develop strange, but not entirely unappealing features;

Included is a poorly translated recruitment scripture, it loses something in its transition from the Lawful Alignment Language.

wrathofzombie said...

@ Reynald- lol. Nice. I dig the demonic bloodshot eyes and the creepy floating crosses.

NaldoDrinan said...

I've always been a fan of Magical/Enchanted Holy Symbols. I figure you're stuck with the things, may as well make the most of them.

Chris said...

Good question. Probably this:

(The massive hat and effortless levitation = high level cleric in my head.)

Jonas said...

Scary, I like my imaginary religious folk old timey and covered in blood (of somebody else). No sexy nuns please.

High priestess in cult of doom and eventual destruction of creation should have you thinking of Ma-Ma in the new Judge Dredd film. I would describe her holding rattlesnake in each hand like that Minoan snake goddess statue or like how crazy backwoods snake handling cult preachers do across Atlantic. Disrespect will likely end the usual way with couple of guys to whom no form of violence towards fellow man is unknown throwing your chopped up parts to the hyeana pit.

Unknown said...

If you're a member of one of the major religions, likely something like this:


Black Vulmea said...

The Very Impressive Clergyman.

Kindling said...

mine are like,cape,character,hood,illustration,muscle-94d9543dbbc6df1e51a44db7fb7f02cc_h.jpg or,asian,crown,dark,girl,hat-3400626150556ddce19daa29faec2f02_h.jpg or I guess maybe kinda like this in some parts
unless you're in the South, but the South in my setting is for pussies. The North is where the action's at.

Anonymous said...

The two Good Churches who war with each other in my constructed world would best be represented by these:

The Mother Empire and the Messianic Church: It's A Sin -- And One

The All-One Church and its Religio-Socialist Regime: Nemesis Divina -- Satyricon

Unknown said...
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Mojo said...

Totally off topic here.

Did you see this map of the 18-story underground Turkish city they discovered?

It is *perfect* for D&D.


liza said...

Let's stay close to the classics: