Sunday, March 10, 2013

Monsters, maps, ancient lifeforms, more Stacy, Mexican vampires etc

A lazy linky Sunday:

-I always liked David Larkins' Rifts: 2112 stuff--here he is back on the wagon with some alternate mexican vampire setting ideas.

-Some real 16th century monsters courtesy of Sebastian Munster

-Likewise mappy: the ever-inspiring Subterranean Design tumblr turned me on to

-Stacy from Frivology, with endless patience, ends the Chainmail Bikini wars forever.

-Dude, David Attenborough's First Life on Youtube!

-Do you guys know about the free maps on Paratime Designs? You should know about the free maps on Paratime Designs.
-Dude, that Australian western Nick Cave did on Youtube! (Trigger warning: everything)


gregarious monk said...

Yeah, Tim Hartin's maps are pretty damned awesome.

Fonkin said...

OMG, that map is sexeh! And there are 99 more just like it? Hmm, I think I see the beginnings of my next campaign!

Anonymous said...

Great recommendation for The Proposition from Mark Kermode: "You can TASTE the sweat."