Sunday, January 20, 2013

Most Plussed

A year (?) ago or so Blogspot started letting people add little plusses to your blog entries. Here are the most plussed entries since then...

10 Mostly Women?

Just an informal poll to see who besides me reading this blog had groups that were mostly women or female-lead. Continued on

9 Welcome to the Gigastructure

Announcing the start of the Deathmaze game on Google +. People liked it.

8 Hunter/Hunted

Explaining one way to make sure your Call of Cthulhu game is never a railroad.

7 A Warbox

Showing how to make a campaign map quickly generate random encounters related to the campaign's background drama.

6 Year One Tips gleaned from the first year of running games via Google plus hangout. #3 is, as of now, no longer true, but otherwise I'd stand by most of this stuff.

5 Is This How Burning Wheel Is Supposed To Work?

Despite the fact that the board dedicated to this game seemed to feel the need to Forgesplain to us that we were playing the game badwrong, a great many good and sane humans seemed to enjoy reading about our foray into storygameland.

4 Actually, Robin...

I dip into the most terrifyingly psychobabbly parts of a very popular GMing manual.

3 Hire Women

What it says on the tin. The basic go-to for dealing with the Tipper squad's obsession with making up rules for what can be in game art. (Plus a fascinating back-and-forth with a real live Tipper--creases--in the comments.)

2 Called Shot Mechanic

The top spots on this list are not occupied by rants but by useful game stuff. The Called Shot Mechanic is pretty much usable for any game where you roll dice to do stuff.

1 The Alice

(Coming in at +83) Well I just posted this new character class so you've probably seen it. Hopefully the rest of the stuff in the book will go over as well...


I also asked people on G+ what their most plussed posts were--these are they:


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