Saturday, December 17, 2011

Did I Mention That Fun Was Good?

I had a whole post about how this was pretty much indeed as epic as Jeff made it out to be with some added blather about how you pretty much cannot escape 10 years in art school without hating Frida Kahlo unless you are the hippiest of all possible hippies (and don't know about Dorothea Tanning or Suzanne Van Damme) but blogger ate it. Such is life. I just hope there's a Sol LeWitt vampire down there somewhere.

Despite this contretemps, since last sunday I also killed two spirit bears, sicced 3 evil cherubs on the girls who made the PCs blind deaf mute and unconscious not necessarily in that order, got to use 3 thief functions successfully in one fight (climb the wall, hid in the smoke on the ceiling, then backstabbed the Spelleton of Bone Hill)(really probably the first time ever any of that worked. 5th level is nice. Yes, thieves are kind of crap.), saw my dog mutated into a half-troll in the Vats of Mazarin and fended off an attack by the Tedious Weasels despite the cowardice of some of our Crocodile Clan allies. Plus I got to sit around painting Andy San Dimas and her dog Pantera during most of this, discovered that "Carcosa" backwards is "A Soc Rac" and am now eating a spicy genoese sausage with cheese on a chocolate croissant. Who questions this awesomeness?


Unknown said...

Well I certainly don't.

James said...

Here's to Fun!

(and anything involving sausage w/chocolate croissants.)

HA! Word Verif: LIVIN

Seth S. said...

I mentioned this already over at Jeff's Gameblog. But I had Rene Magritte show up as a villain in my current game.

You can never see his face because it's always covered by an apple (effectively giving him heightened defense in vnv terms) and he summons his paintings as very intricate illusions.

It would be interesting if artists in rpgs started being a thing.