Wednesday, June 1, 2011

100 More Things About 100 More Villains

1 Clothing of woven bone
2 Followed by horrible musicians
3 False and deceiving, but only half the time
4 Unconquered but insecure
5 Innovative but consumed with despair
6 Nihilistic to a degree as-yet-inexplicable
7 Denies applications for loan extensions
8 Can hear sobbing from miles away, likes it
9 Frog army/Toad lord
10 Cannibal horde
11 Torn by choices
12 Haunted by vices
13 Undulating obscenely
14 Nictates, lactates, postulates hypotheticals
15 Heretical
16 Dog-like in posture
17 Impostor
18 Glowing grey
19 Headless yet with a mouth
20 Cropped ear. Aura of fear.
21 Always near
22 Seer
23 Sincere when drinking beer
24 Narrow-shouldered
25 Sits on a boulder
26 Thrusts meaningless demands from his mouth like torches into the sea
27 Found dying in the desert
28 Unmeasurable
29 Seeks pleasure in the least likely places
30 Forked fist
31 Served by blue slaves
32 Crass and fine-boned
33 Underappreciated but well-respected in a field heretofore unknown to you
34 Psychonaut
35 Thin-wires trail from her which, if followed, reveal her to be a puppet
36 Isolated by his or her hideousness
37 Inexplicably lucky
38 Throws pieces of fallen foes
39 Covered in crows
40 Aura--Slows
41 Has an aquarium of devilfish
42 Pork magnate
43 Pork addict
44 Half-pig
45 Stinging touch, terribly shy
46 Ordinary words can be twisted by this fiend into weapons of unspeakable violence
47 Aura of silence
48 Thri-kreen jester or served by one
49 Stunningly beautiful but nervous around sharpened steel
50 Devours fruits
51 Has heads on pikes and these are useful in some way
52 Openly gay
53 Demands that you pray
54 Demands that you pay
55 Demands that you stay
56 Demands a story, it should be gory
57 Fist full of wasps
58 Teeth leave face, roam, bite of their own accord
59 Surrounded by prostitutes of every description
60 Indulges a vice for skin treatments requiring rare ingredients
61 Knows you from back in the day
62 Knows the names of trees, plants and exotic grasses but does not love them
63 Hollow and hopeless
64 Kicked in the face and left for dead and back for revenge
65 Ardent lover of lizardman theater
66 Only doing what s/he's been told
67 Covered in mold
68 Suffers from migraines and seeks a cure
69 Rewards the wicked and punishes the pure
70 Gorgon's child
71 Feared by the very air
72 Ninety-nine barbers styling its hair
73 Fair
74 Oafish, ugly and orb-shaped
75 Serves the tortoise god
76 Baker
77 Heartbreaker
78 Requires constant injections
79 In love, fears rejection
80 Trapped in a cycle of sausage and pain
81 Despicable in all ways but one: and this one virtue is hidden until nightfall
82 Ballsy
83 Mad as a hatter and fast as a hare
84 Chained to this spot by beings of infinite mercy
85 Lord of all s/he surveys, and nothing s/he does not
86 Clown eater
87 Conscience hidden deep beneath the earth, in an urn of zinc and red glass
88 Microlends minions money for spreading villainy, horror and chaos
89 Plastered on sundays
90 Knife collector, recent defector
91 Older than her own mother on account of sorcery
92 Dances
93 Dozens of cousins, clothed in red
94 Rules from a bed
95 Once was flesh but is now liquid instead
96 Impeded by the law
97 No jaw
98 Obeyed by mutant offspring
99 Seeks scrimshaw
00 Monomanically dedicated to building a precise 1/238 scale model of the entire world


..::ASTROMAXITHS::.. said...

looool now this makes me feel #42 #52 #92, very #37 and jealous of #31 !!! :D

James said...

Thank you! Again! Absolutely wonderful!

Nate said...

This is fantastic and wonderfully poetic!

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...


Like an openly gay, inexplicably lucky, pork magnate that dances, and is jealous that s/he's not served by blue slaves?

..::ASTROMAXITHS::.. said...

@ C'nor (Outermost_Toe) more or less :P

Manfred said...

"2 Followed by horrible musicians"

Hmmm horrible as in a amateur violin recital, or horrible as a "maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes"-type disco dance party?

Blair said...

Influences: Thoman Pynchon, Jack Vance, Fairy Tales... ...Dr. Seuss...