Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Setting Stuff List Plus Pretty Pictures

-Hey look at that. Magic item created by doing a Roman Dodecahedron in inverted colors. It's unicorn bone caltrops, probably.

-In other news, if you haven't looked at the new fixed up Subterranean Design site, do so forthwith. It is just page after page after page after page after page of amazing dungeon eyecandy. Not often you can get vacation and D&D ideas simultaneously...

-After James gave me the semi-exhaustive list of recently published free adventures he decided, jut to be more awesome, that he'd slide me over this...

List of Free Setting Stuff

he's accumulated over the years. This is just the more organized and easy-to-access stuff...

The World of Thundarr the Barbarian (Download widget at The Savage Afterworld.)

Savage Swords of Athanor (PDF now available for free.)

Guide To The Realms of Aedenne.

Abbernoth campaign setting.

Pelinore Compilation.

The Metal Earth (Rules & Resources on the Left. Map on the Right.)

The Yaqqothl Notebook.

Mazes & Minotaurs (Mythika setting stuff, passim and the Midgard setting in the Vikings & Valkyries supplement)

Exit 42A! (An Encounter Critical Sandbox.)

Mystara 2300 BC. Hi res maps for the setting, here.

Southland. (Free from Robert Conley. One of the settings from his Points of Light)

Frank Mentzer's Aquaria. Link to the full size map, here.

For the Moorcock fans, Chaos Cults of the Young Kingdoms and Gods of Law in the Young Kingdoms (for the second item, the picture link works.)

Ivid the Undying (fan formatted PDF of the free WotC files.)


Anathematician said...

Holy Fecal Material Explosion! More hours of reading about worlds I should have made myself!


Quickly -

Athanor, Aedenne and Pelinore look great with a quick glance

Thundarr - Awesome just because it is Thudarr. Proud owner of the Thnudarr DVD and soon to be proud owner of the Herculoids!

Metal Earth - I love Sci-Fi/Fantasy settings.

Carcosa - ohhhhhhh, I wanted to know what this was all about! Look forward to Raggi's published version.


The Subterranean Design Site is simply amazing. Great eye candy to devour and re envision.

Thanks again!

Logan said...

Thx for the links! Especially Pelinore looks great! :D

crowking said...

D20 Zothique is pretty neat, but I wish someone would make an official version of the setting. BRP would be perfect.

Kindling said...

check out

it's a community of setting-builders I am a member of, some very very cool stuff on there, even if a lot of it is technically "unfinished"

Digital Orc said...

The list continues, nice job! Hey, have any of you heard of an experiment with RPG where the system is the controlled variable? Just curious at

JDJarvis said...

Cool lost.
It also explains why I got about 50 new hits today for the color carcosa map.

Tim Snider said...

Zak mentioned my blog. I am now awesome-by-association. (Thanks for the shout-out!)

Anonymous said...

The Carcosa supplements are cool but the blog they link back to for picking up Supplement V: Carcosa seems to have vanished. Anyone know of an alternate place where I can pick that up? I've recently gotten obsessed with the King in Yellow and have been devouring that whole mythos.

JDJarvis said...

oh darn....silly typos....

"cool list" ... not cool lost, that's' an entirely different sentiment.

anarchist said...


I think James Raggi is going to put out a new edition. Presumably that's why the blog has been deleted.