Saturday, January 23, 2010

Help Name The Show

Got suggestions for the name of the TV show?

It can't have the words "Dungeons & Dragons" or "D&D" in the title.

Winning suggestion gets...something. I don't know. We'll talk.

Also, we're going for something that lets people know what the show's about even if they don't know the game.

Lipstick & Lizardmen is the frontrunner so far.


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  2. During my teenage years I would think of 2 things pretty much non stop. Hot girls and DnD. My suggestion is a little long, but I like "Not Quite The Game I Remember".

    Basically you are living the dream that I had at age 14.

    In all seriousness keep up the great work! Reading about famous people who are into this hobby is very compelling.

    PS A cool reward for the winner would be an autographed group photo of your group to hand in one's game room.

  3. Sex & Violence; Playing With Yourself; Glamour & Goblins.

  4. I just gonna throw a bunch out there and see if anything sticks:

    Adventure Party
    Die Rolling
    Game Chic
    Mascara & Minotaurs
    Fishnets & Falchions

    ...I'm out. For now.

  5. Pornstars & Dragons, while a bit obvious, would get the message across. Dungeons & Pornstars, amusingly enough, would not.

  6. Rolls and Roleplaying

    Casting Couch Casters

    Random Encounters

    Knock Spells & Boots

    d20 Desires

  7. "Lubing & Looting"
    just kidding.

    I'd stick with Lipsticks&Lizardmen or...
    "My Life with Caster" or "From Spell"

  8. Porn Paladins of the Discarded Hymen,
    Howling Palanquin of Carnality,
    Stiffer Wands & Steamburrows

  9. fuck, i just googled sex and sorcery, someone made a game supplement under that name...

    i guess i can propose:

    Sex & Dice, Pornerds, or The Majestic Porn Lands of High Fantasy!

  10. for what it's worth:

    Sex and the Citadel
    Fantasy Roleplaying
    Nine and a half Geeks
    Fishnets and Fantasies
    Swords and Saucery

  11. Sexwork & Gameplay
    Porn Star Gamers
    Sex & Gaming
    Pen, Paper & Pornstars
    Swords, Sex Stars & Sorcery
    Women, Men and Gaming
    The Other Kind of Roleplaying Game
    A Different Kind of Fantasy
    Sexxxin' the Dice

  12. Booty and the Beasts? Or does Erol Otus still own that one?

    Other suggestions:

    Save or Die (not in any way sexual or related to porn but just a cool name)

    Deities and Demimondes (c'mon, you gotta' admit that's pretty good)

  13. Booty and the Beasts. Wholehardily seconded. It may not be trademarked or still under rights given the slightly DIY methods of late 70's rpg companies.

    Besides, even if he has nothing to do with the rights, its a cool excuse to get in touch with Erol Otus.

    Though Lipsticks and Lizardmen is prety cool too.

  14. Dice Hard
    Role Then Bone
    Real Pornstars Gaming
    Actual Dames and Dice

  15. Boobs & Barbarians
    Cleavage and Cleavers
    Hot Blood, Cold Steel
    Eros & Arrows
    Dice & Double-Ds
    Natural 20
    Orcs and Orgasms

  16. This is obviously going to be a reality show. Do you know any trannies? Invite one to your game and you could call it DUNGEONS & DRAGQUEENS. Get the producers on it.

  17. Please tell me your doing something awesome like Dungeon Majesty and not just more porn.

    Glamor and Gold
    Girl's Game, Girly Game, Game Girls, et al.
    Dungeon Deviants

    If you pick any alliteration in the form of Boo & Bar take it that extra level and name it Advanced Boo & Bar.

  18. Playing Pen & Paper with Porn Stars?

  19. Hm, possibly "Dice, Demons & Doxies" though I wonder if the latter word is a slightly poor fit.

  20. Really, I think James might have nailed it with "Pornstars and Dragons", although personally I'd lengthen it to "The Adventures of Pornstars and Dragons". To really tap the cultural oil well, you need to reference some part of D&D, although as you said it obviously can't have the words themselves in it. This gets you almost there, leaves in the obligatory "and", but more fully describes what it's about.

  21. "Playing Swords & Wizardry with Porn Stars" or "Playing Labyrinth Lord with Porn Stars."

    Somehow I don't think getting permission would be much of a problem. :)

    Or how about just "Playing RPGs with Porn Stars"?

    I'd think you'd want to connect the blog to the show (unless the name will be owned by someone else)... or, if you won't even be able to plug the blog on the show due to having D&D in the name... set up a blog name you can mention, port all the posts from here to there (keeping a this one to redirect over there), and Step 3, PROFIT!

  22. How about "Rolling on the Random Harlot Table"?

  23. Since you can't mention D&D I'd just drop it and use "Playing with Porn Stars."

  24. "Between the Character Sheets"...

    Although that actually sounds more like the title of a single episode, but that's all I've got right now...

  25. I like Nation's "Between the Character Sheets"

  26. I thought of "Pork Swords & Sorcery" but that's just my puerile sense of humour.

  27. Spanish gamers second "Random Encounters", de todo corazón.

    Also, how about "Dragon Ladies"?

  28. The Secret Lives of Porn Star Gamers

    Though I have to admit my fav has been "Between The Character Sheets", straightforward, slightly naughty, intruiging, and the !gamer alert! tag on the end -- wish I'd thought of it.

  29. Behind The Green Door: Roll d6 To Open
    Deep Moat
    The Pit Fiend in Miss Jones

  30. Pornstars Do It... With Dice

    I also like Lipsticks & Lizardmen, as well as 6d9 (though it's a pretty niche play-on-words).

  31. Sword Swallowers & Sorcery
    Blow Me for Initiative

  32. Lipstick and Longswords
    Axes and Actresses
    Barely 18/00
    Perfect 20
    PC Pornstars

  33. The Real Gamers of San Fernando Valley

  34. How about Babes & Broadswords?

    I also liked 6d9, Between the Character Sheets, & The Real Gamers of San Fernando Valley --> too funny, guys!

  35. How about "Playing Games." Can you tell us where this will be accessible?

  36. Oh man, "Barely 18/00" and "6d9" made me laugh so hard. I'm glad I stifled my guffaw because I really didn't want to explain to anyone nearby what was so funny...

    I need a little more about the show before I can come up with a good title. Is your target demo RPG geeks, or are you trying to appeal to non-gamers with the title? If it's the latter, then some of these inside jokes won't work.

  37. 6d9 is a lot like how everyone talks online & it's fur phucking genius.

    heres another few:
    Kingdom of the Lubed Uniporn
    Pink Gems, Rigid Staff (ves?)
    Good Porning Vornheim!
    Hit-It Dice

    cant wait to see what your dm shield looks like, saw the Whitney Museum show. went to see Force Field camp and ended up staring down your wall (the wall won btw). followed John Waters around for a few minutes, he had the same trouble walking away from that wall. better than the book.

  38. I recently discovered this blog, love the gaming side of it and the fact it shows the porn industry is filled with alot of people like you and me.

    So here are the names I came up with:

    Pornstars & Paladins
    Swords & Skin
    Girls & Goblins
    Vorpals & Vixens
    Gaming with Goddesses
    Pornstars Guide to Gaming
    Babes & Barbarians
    Broads & Broadswords

    Regardless of the name I can't wait to see how the show turns out.

  39. It's a girls game too!
    When women play..
    Gamer Girls

  40. is it too late to add a suggestion?

    how about Monsters and Mammaries?

  41. "A Wizard's Staff (Has a Knob On The End)"

  42. Only stumbled upon this site a short time ago, but if still looking at ideas, I have a couple:
    R.P.G. (Real Pornstar Gamers)
    Zaks Fairy Tales

  43. Naked Elf: From the Files of the Dice Squad.