Tuesday, August 14, 2018

14 Hours. And the combat system

If you're wondering how the Demon City combat system works specifically in play, here's a podcast where we demonstrate exactly that.

If you haven't yet secured your copy of Demon City, you've got 14 hours. Kenneth Hite's sections on sacred architecture and Lovecraft are up next s stretch goals.

If you have already given to the Kickstarter, and are sick of seeing these blog entries about Demon City: be happy, it's almost over.
Last chance


1d12 false flags said...

I really like Red Moon's creepy intro for your game. I think it fits what you were saying on Full Metal RPG about the city/town usually being the safe boring place and not the site of the adventure/conflict/tension. It really set a lonely AND crowded sort of tone. I dig it. I'm not sure if they approached you or vice versa, but it was a good fit. I listened to some of their playing Kult, and it was pretty rad.

With the KS drawing to a close, I lament the stretch goals not achieved. Congrats on exploding the hell out of the KS and I'm thankful that you're bringing it to us. The list of professionals you got is super fucking impressive for the goals we did get to, and I can't wait to play this.

Candy_Teeth said...

soooooo friggin close to tarot cards

maimed autarch said...

As best I understand, Demon City is a game in which PCs can and will die if their players are not smart enough. For when this happens, does the game have or does it suggest mechanisms for introducing new PCs?

In D&D, fantasy tropes have promoted acceptance of the situation "hey, we just met at a bar, let's go kill some goblins together". But without the presence of a Patron or Organization, I think it's harder to justify in a game set in a facsimile of the modern world.

Zak Sabbath said...

@John Kleve

PCs in Demon City have motives built in. The character "classes" are all motives to investigate. The Victim wants revenge or justice, the Investigator is getting paid, etc.

nolan said...

Just finished watching the cyberpunk 2077 gameplay video and couldn't help but think: "holy shit, what would a dark fantasy urban RPG game like Demon City look like with this engine?!" Have you ever considered allowing indie devs to adapt your properties (for a fee, obviously)?

Zak Sabbath said...


"Have you considered allowing..." is a strange way to put things like that.

Anyone's allowed to make an offer

Unknown said...

I am planning to run a Bubba Ho-tep inspired comedy/horror game using the unformatted rules pdf this week and I noticed there was no character sheet for Demon City as of yet. So, I threw together a google sheets version. I'm sure your graphic designer will come up with something far better, but I figured you or your audience might want something to use in the meantime. I assume I can't post links here, but if you want to take a look at it or share it I'd be more than happy to share it.