Friday, June 24, 2016

New 3rd Level Spells

Crowdsourced using this thread on Google+. These versions have been edited and sometimes altered. If you aren't in my Google+ circles and want to be just email zakzsmith AT hawtmayle or send me a G+ message asking to be added to my RPG circles--include a link to your Google + page or I will have no idea how to add you. 

3rd level spells

Target: Creature
Save: Wis negates
Target is teleported to a random part of a random adjacent room. (One that is adjacent on the map, not necessarily one that is connected by a doorway.)

Disgorging Insects
Target: 1 Person
Range: 60 feet
Duration: 10 minutes
Save: Wis save negates

Whenever target speaks, a stream of insects comes from his/her mouth, rather than words. This spell renders verbal communication and spell casting impossible.

Egotist's Masquerade
Target: all humanoids within 100'
Duration: 1 round/lvl
Save: Wis negates
All creatures within range are cloaked in an illusion that makes them look and sound like you. Unwilling targets get a save to resist.

Hold The Door
Duration: 10 minutes/level
Range: touch
All damage that would be dealt to target inorganic object is dealt to target willing person instead. If they die the effect is broken. The object can be up to the size of a cottage.

Wizard, Witch
Target : self
Duration: 10 minutes

You may separate yourself into (up to) a dozen pieces. You may choose the size and shape of the various sections of self, as long as every side of the removed area, is a flat plane. 

Each removed part remains alive and active, though they possess no qualities beyond what are normally enjoyed. For example, a hand may crawl, but cannot see. An eyeball may see, but not move in any way. A tongue may both taste and grossly wriggle along , but it's not going to hear anything...or jump onto a table (unless it's a really big tongue).

Splitting the brain results in fractional INT beings (e.g.. halve INT for 2 pieces, a third each for 3 and so on). Split skills and languages evenly between the parts.

You may reform the pieces, at any time during the spell duration, so long as all other pieces are within line of sight, e.g. no blocking obstacles. Otherwise, CON save (D.C. 8+number of pieces). Success and reformation occurs centred round brain. Failure indicates permanent separation, requiring Greater Restoration or Regeneration to return to natural state. 

Laschamp’s Swap
Cleric, Wizard
Duration: d6 rounds
Range: 60 feet
Save: If unwilling see below
Target swaps its highest and lowest ability scores. Unwilling targets save on their worst stat.

Lightning Trap
Target: Damaging AoE spell
You can cast this spell as a reaction, like feather fall. A damaging AoE spell is halted as soon as it's cast. A fireball is frozen in the earliest stages of explosion, when it is the size of an egg. A lightning bolt is just a neon light frozen down the hallway. This stasis lasts as long as the caster doesn't move.

Cleric, Druid, Witch
Target: Disguised or transformed creature
Duration: 1 hour/lvl
Save: Wis negates
The target believes itself to be whatever creature it is disguised as, or transformed into. It loses all memories of its previous life. The cover identity becomes the only identity.

Obsessive Compulsion: Duplication
Wizard, Witch
Target: 1 Person
Range: 120 feet
Duration: Special
Save: Wis save negates

Target must perform their last round action each round untilt hey make a Wis save. If, for whatever reason, the action is not possible, the target tries to duplicate it nevertheless; for instance running into a wall/from a cliff, slashing at an already defeated foe, or going through the motions of casting a spell in case that particular spell is not memorized anymore.

Out of the Frying Pan
Teleports the party into a random room in a random dungeon.

Target: creature or object
Duration: 1 round
Target can ignore some permanent negative effect caused by magic. People who have magically blinded can see. People who have been petrified are flesh and blood. People who have been killed return to life only if they were killed last round.
Range: touch
Save: Con negates
Exchange exhaustion levels with your target. If you haven't slept in three days and they're bright as a daisy, now it's the opposite. Unwilling targets get a saving throw.

Sphere of Seclusion
Wizard, Sorceror, Cleric
Area of effect: 30 foot radius around caster
Durations: 1 round/level with concentration

Nothing can leave target area. Not even light and therefore it looks pitch black from the outside. For any observer outside, treat everything within as fully concealed and silenced.

Anything can, however, enter the area, including light and sound. Anybody inside the area can see and hear anything both within and outside the sphere.

The spell will end if more damage is done to the sphere than twice the caster's level in a single blow or by a single (magical) effect. The sphere then shatters and vanishes. The damage can only be applied from the inside.

Strange Attractor
You create a small voodoo doll. Creatures in the dungeon will be drawn to it and will seek to destroy it. Every ten minutes, roll a wandering monster check for the voodoo doll, and the resultant creature gets a Wis save to resist (unless it is genuinely curious as to where this unsettling feeling is coming from, in which case it may choose to investigate the hunch anyway).

Stretching Hallway
Wizard, witch
Duration: 10 minutes.
Pick a point in a hallway. The hallway stretches out from that point becoming longer and non-Euclidean. It effectively becomes 60 feet longer for every caster level.

Target: chimeric creature
Duration: permanent
Save: Con negates

Target chimera separates into its component creatures. (Any creature made from different animals fused together, or anything with multiple heads.) A chimera would become a goat, a wyvern, a lion, and a snake. Tiamat would become five dragons.


Casmarius said...

Unravel could lead to a lot of interesting questions.

Can you unravel an Owlbear? or perhaps a cockatrice? Centaur? Harpy? Ettin?
What happens when you unravel a Hydra?

Jean-Fran├žois Lebreton said...

*casts Unravel upon platypus*

Tim Wolfe said...

Heck, let's skip right to Demogorgon: he'll presumably kill himself, or leave a battered and weakened half. It's the perfect hack!