Sunday, June 12, 2016

Be Good.

The picture that sticks with me I heard about second hand--the rescue workers in Orlando going in to the club to pick up the bodies, many fallen where they stood, and all the victims' cell phones still ringing--their friends and loved ones calling to see if they're ok.

The image hits because it's about how things ripple out.

Matt Finch, "the Swords & Wizardry guy" is in a same-sex marriage and was more eloquent than I could ever be about the shooting and about how lives touch other lives--"Except for an accident of geography, Ian and I could have hit the point of "Death Do Us Part.""

Locally, on the same day LA Pride just barely escaped being bombed by some nutjob--and every woman here at D&D w/Porn Stars is L, B or T. This blog wouldn't exist if I wasn't playing games and without them I wouldn't be playing because I'd never have had a game group. My books would have no covers, for lack of models, and no playtesters, and no reason to exist.

An OSR and a DIY RPG scene without the inspiration of like Jennel Jacquays' Dark Tower and Caverns of Thracia, without Scrap Princess or Brendan or without many of the other L and G and B and T fans and creators who make this place fun would be much different and suckier.

I haven't got anything smart to say about it that will in any way contribute to one less person getting shot because (yet again) some asshole saw a sexy thing that wasn't their sexy thing and got offended. Just: be a good friend to your friends. Friends are all a community is and friends are all you really have.


Kiel Chenier said...

This hits hard. I'm in San Francisco for Pride this month, attending for the first time as an out bisexual, and this kind of event is horrifying.

Zak Sabbath said...

You're awesome Kiel.

Allan said...

Simple and powerful.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I can't believe we allowed another mass shooting to happen. I have no words. This could have been my brother and his husband. They were someone's loved ones.

GaryA said...

Don't go underground, don't be cowed, don't be beaten. Just be aware and be careful, but continue to live your lives.

The world's going through an odd phase at present, but it won't last.

JDsivraj said...

Love those who can love you back. The world is changing and despite the bad news it's getting better on average.