Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Opponents Wanted '16

It's been a while since we did this:

Want someone to play D&D with in your town?  Or any other game?

If you wanna find someone local to roll with put your name, location, contact info and preferred games here in the comments.

There's a matching thread on G+, if you're not in my RPG circles but want to be just send me a message ( Zak Smith ) asking to be added to those along with a link to your Google + page.


Glipkerio said...

Chris H. New Haven, CT. D&D 1E/LL/LOTFP/Etc & Similar.

Maxim Golubchik said...

Maxim Golubchik, Pleasanton CA. D&D and LOTFP.

Eric said...

Eric Boyd/ Kent, WA. OD&D, B/X, LotFP, DCC, etc. Trying to get a Dwimmermount game off the ground.

Zak Sabbath said...


Unknown said...

Matt Tompkins Worcester, Ma D and D(Love 1ed but really looking to get into a 5ed game) Shadowrun Paranoia FASERIP Trail Of Cthulhu/Call of Cthulhu matthewtompkins85@gmail.com

Matrox Lusch said...

Maxim, I too am in Pleasanton CA! Running D&D 3.5 variant (skills replaced with 1e class abilities; d6 1e initiative) at DunDraCon Saturday night (2/13). 6pm Parking lot BBQ, 7-8pm Open Gaming Room. You could bring any edition character lvl 5-7. matroxlusch@gmail.com

Jarrett Crader said...

Jarrett Crader
Columbia, MO 65201
DCC, LotFP, D&D 5e, Into the Odd, Classic Traveller and whatever is coming out of the OSR/D.I.Y. D&D community.

Jarrett Crader said...

Jarrett Crader
Columbia, MO 65201
DCC, LotFP, D&D 5e, Into the Odd, Classic Traveller and whatever is coming out of the OSR/D.I.Y. D&D community.

Robert Morris said...

Long Beach, CA. Looking to play OSR or 5e D&D. I can play Saturdays or Sundays, but I can't drive. cats.teacher on gmail

Unknown said...

I live in Lacey. Not sure if I am sustain a reasonable game. But I can in a few months

Matrox Lusch said...

PS if somewhat old grognards aren't your game, I can put you in touch with some recent college grads I know running a 5e campaign in Ruby Hills Sunday nights. Amador alums from class of 2008.

Unknown said...

Michael Wilson
Wichita, Kansas
First edition AD&D

I would appreciate being added to your G+ circles Zak. Not really sure how to message you on there.

ERIC! said...

Fort Wayne IN, Eric Campbell, I'll play anything, but hoping for something old school...gliths (at) gmail (dot)com

ERIC! said...

glithus not gliths.....pfft....

frijoles junior said...

Lakeway, TX (Austin area)
fritzkrieg (at) gmail (dot) com

ACKS, DnD 5e, any retroClone is good but I only have ACKS in print. Happy to expand collection if someone really wants to run LotFP, DCC, LL, or something along those lines.

Also Traveller-curious

Unknown said...

Matt. Alexandria VA. AD&D/OSR. FASERIP. CoC. @LilPicture

strangeleaves said...

Lawrence. Ontario, Downtown Toronto. lawrencestewen(at)gmail(dot)com
I'm happy to play in or run any of the following: LotFP, S&W White Box, SWN, and anything else from the OSR. Or D&D 5e.

Fuck Nazis said...

Boulder, Colorado.
Currently trying to start a DCC campaign and looking for more players. Very interested in joining an LotFP game as a player.
Contact me on G+. Username Jess Newman.

Jay Murphy said...

Chaosium's Pendragon starting mid-March in New Castle, CO. Contact me @ Google+ if interested.

Invincible Overlord said...

Berkeley, CA. I'm running old schooly D&D using Fantastic Heroes and Witchery weekly at a cafe near BART, advertised on meetup or write me, occasional players totally OK. Also in a fun 5e game meeting when possible, usually every 3-4 weeks in North Beach, SF, and could use another couple of players. When I am emperor, I'll also play some kind if scifi, trail/call of cthulhu, runequest, pendragon, etc. I'm at o r e m o r 2 3 gmail. Thanks Zac!

Horza said...

Lotfp/OSR but down for anything.

Charles Saeger said...

Nomen as above.
Minneapolis; Whittier, to be specific
I run GURPS Dungeon Fantasy on alternate Sundays.
I enjoy most versions of D&D and related games, other than the dreaded 4th.
My e-mail address is the name of an infamous monk who had a big Johnson and led Russia even more astray than usual, AT m a c dotcom.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Davey Oil in Seattle WA
I play ADD,2nd and 5th
I'm looking for a group for Burning Wheel and for Trail of Cthulu
Get me at Twitter @daveyoil

John Adam said...

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shaggykorean said...


hi i'm kim. live in chattanooga, tn. would like to find some cthulhu, lamentations, cyclopedia, mechwarrior, and mouseguard. have played pathfinder, dnd, hackmaster, shadowrun, dcc, and top secret. gaming is where i go to dark city blossom - my mind exploding in so many myriads, good luck keeping up. otherwise i'm super humble, and it makes me happy to get people to laugh.

Seth said...

sethnwhite at gmail . com

Seth, Minneapolis (linden hills).
5e, B/X, clones/heartbreakers. Wrapping up my 5e plane-hopping game soon; looking to start a Dark Sun-ish game this summer; we'll see if it actually happens.

Also got a friend who's a better DM and more old school than I am (Loring Park); he's running both a 1e Yoon Suin and a Metamorphosis Alpha game that may be open to new players.

AndAbettin said...

Nampa, ID 83651
I know 3.5, 5e, and Dark Heresy well, but I'd love to learn new systems. Any day except Saturday.

Unknown said...

Turnersville, NJ 08012
DCC, 5th Edition, B/X

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