Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Dr Strange and An Opportunity for the Ladies

First up:

May 16th and 17th, the best online game con -- Contessa -- is inviting women to think up and run some games. (Anybody can play, if you didn't know.) Got your own game? You can run that too. Here's Stacy:

ConTessa is already gearing up for another game weekend. We've got this process down, and we're getting to the point where getting these weekends running is more of a science than a lot of cats running around trying to herd other cats. Or goats. Depends. 

ANYWAY! If you'd like to GM something for us on air on either May 16th or 17th (you get to set the exact time), we'd love to have you! New or experienced, doesn't matter. All you need is a camera, a microphone, and the will to run a good game. :) 

This time, we'll be ending registration a week early to make sure we have enough time to fill the games up with players. So, we will be closing registration one week prior to the convention on May 9th. 

The earlier you get your game in, the more we can promote it! 

To sign up to run a game: 

Filth attracts filth spell

This is just a good place for a fight courtesy P Craig Russell.
The door leads to an ordinary hallway, pink things can be whatever you like.

First: Purple lich rules. Second: Replace the confusing term spell 'level' with spell 'age'.
Old spells are familiar to fewer protective deities & therefore hurt more.

It's tough getting levels.

There's..I can't even.

For when Cthulhu is too classy for what you've got planned.
Also, Zzarchov came up with some neat ideas based on last week's Dr Strange:
The Sun god is always the good guy who turns undead and is lawful,   demons are far-away stars (based on LotFP's contact outer planes bit).

Each star is a sun in its own right.

Stars are lawful to those evolving on their planets, nurturing them to pick up science and civilization and shun magic and disruptive sorcery.  Other stars meddle by granting power and sowing chaos, trying to get the local populace to abandon civilization and devolve to magic use.

Option A.) Each star hinders or helps civilization through religion to try and guide its populace towards advanced robotics prior to interstellar travel so the star can just shed off these corruptible biological entities and build itself a mobile Dyson sphere and eat the fuel of other stars.

Option B.)  Each star is looking to turn its people into a star faring civilization to act as conduits to begin psychically enslaving other stars.

Not sure which option I like more.   Leaving one as the story being told to the clerics and one as the story told by other stars is a good option as well, create doubt.

There are some other nice ideas in the comments threads Zzarchov started here and my repost of it here. Ask to be added to our G+ circles to read them.


Enzo said...

Zak, woud you recommend any Dr Strante period in particular?

Charlie said...

Seems like some stars could be trying to bunker down in Dyson spheres - which could both hide and serve as a form of protection. Others might dedicate themselves to expansion and conquest. I feel like there's something almost lich-like when a star chooses to hide itself, its light, from the universe. Not that the conquistador stars would be comforting.

Would imagine some would dedicate themselves to collapsing other stars into black holes, which might be used as wormholes to let their expanding, attacking symbiotes move around faster. Black hole gates could be the key to cracking some Dyson sphere fortresses.

PlanetNiles said...

Interesting. Working on a setting currently wherein until recently studying the stars was considered blasphemous. right up until they realized that the calendar was out of whack and needed to be corrected.

Zak Sabbath said...

The monthly issues have rarely been good for a long stretch.
My favorite is the Dr Strange/Dr doom graphic novel Triumph & Torment

Enzo said...

Cool, I'll check that out. Thank you!