Monday, July 7, 2014

Pay What You Wish For Vornheim

Did you hear that Zak S was a consultant on the new edition of D&D? Did you hear that a free D&D basic rules PDF was released last week, and he's credited in there?

To celebrate the achievement, we've made his Vornheim PDF Pay-What-You-Want over on DriveThru/RPGNow until the World War Three episode of Doctor Who airs here in Finland! (15:10 Finnish time Wednesday)

Vornheim, if you didn't know, is the award-winning RPG supplement that details both the city of Vornheim (featured on the webshow I Hit It With My Axe) and a plethora of tools to make running improv city adventures a breeze!

Vornheim won the 2012 IndieCade Best Technology award!

Vornheim won the Golden Crown Award for Best Supplement for a Role Playing Game... FOR THE WHOLE DECADE!

Vornheim won the 2011 DieHardGameFan Award for Best Campaign Setting!

Vornheim was also nominated for the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming shortlist in 2012, and was also an honorable mention for the 2012 ENNIE Award for Best Aid/Accessory!

Don't believe in stuffy awards? Well listen to what fellow industry professionals have to say about Zak:

"...hearing what human garbage like Zak S has to say can provide useful context."

- Paul "Ettin" Matijevic, moderator

"Folks, seriously. This hobby's already bad enough. It's no big surprise when someone like Zak S or James Raggi or whoever else does these kinds of things, they're open about how toxic they are."

-Mikan (F├╝nhaver Games)

"(Fuck Zak)"

-Tracy Hurley (Former Wizards of the Coast D&D Columnist)

"I say this as someone who actively hates Zak (something I don't say about many people), like I really think he should self-eject from this planet."

--Fred Hicks (Evil Hat Productions)

You can't buy better endorsements than those, so click the link and Pay What You Want for Vornheim!


Timothy S. Brannan said...

Damn. Too bad I already have this.

I personally don't get all this drama, but hey if can use to sell more copies, then who am I to judge.

Admiral said...

Are those quotes for real? Why all the hate for Zak?

Jim Yoder said...

Heard about the sale, but the site wont take my money. Just take my gawdamn money!!

Zak Sabbath said...

Anonymous said...

I bought a Vornheim hardcover a while back and thoroughly enjoyed its vile toxins coursing through me.

Jim Yoder said...

Someday I will get the hardcover, right now I'll settle for the rpg now site to work.

Unknown said...

ofc, I have a hardcopy ... but I might take advantage of this to get a .pdf.
so... am I to take it that those reviewers were white-knighting? wow.
"the concepts that smith has brought to gaming are unique, invaluable and numerous."

Jeff Heikkinen said...

Is it still possible to get it in hard copy, and if so, from where? The .pdf, I've got, but I'd like to get this the way it was intended to be experienced.

Zak Sabbath said...

There may be some used but it sold out years ago.
There are plans for a 2nd printing in the coming months--Raggi and I exchanged emails about it yesterday.

Jeff Heikkinen said...

Well, that's slightly better news than I expected in that at least there's a reprint on the way! Guess I'll just wait for that and in the meantime check eBay periodically.

Thanks for taking the time to answer in the midst of the current shitstorm, by the way.