Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Miscellany With A Moral

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
"Minor Cultural Eccentricities

1. Every profession and I mean every profession has a distinctive outfit , not always related to the practicalities related. This outfit is the only clothing permitted for the citizens.
2.A large bunch of unequipped lunatics follow the army around , volunteering for cannon-fodder, zerg rushes, terror raids etc and other near suicidal missions for the chance to be promoted into the army
3. Extremely tolerant, reasonable and aggressive expansionistic at the same time, absorbing countless regions into their own but other than reasonable tithe payments , demand little from it's colonies, content to have each people rule themselves how they were ruled before. The only thing that really winds them up is one particular heresy that they will not tolerate and if conquered peoples can't keep themselves orderly, forcing them to come and politely obliterate the current ruling body.
4. Nomads with distinctive torture arts to make entertaining orphans and animals!
5. Ruler rules for only a month and is kidnapped and forced into the position. 
6. Elephants wander the market places sampling wares. They will violent rebuke mis-measurers and bakers and sausage sellers who mix brick dust in their products. OR possibly just violently attack people at randomly and everyone just says it is legit.
7. Everyone is calm and fatalistic but cheery because the exact date of the end of the world is now definitely known now. For certain.
8. The ruler will only be seen in profile. This is not an affection as he doesn't exist in other angles , well he does but as separate people running around the city in seemingly minor but somehow vastly important roles"

Exhibit C
Exhibit D
"American Mary plays into the sort of slack-jawed onlooker thing that causes people to slow down for accidents, or click on the most salacious of tabloid anti-human garbage—and then subverting that gaze to show this particular community—the body mod community, as something extremely human, and extremely beautiful.  It is a really fascinating usage of gore—and speaks to the greater sense of Mary as a whole, which is a film that is fundamentally horror—but it uses horror to be empowering and uplifting.  And not in a sappy way.  Just in that way, that horror has always been about on some level finding the beauty in the things which terrify us.  It goes back to the romantic/gothic roots of horror—and that these things which make up our mortality are not things to run from—but instead to be embraced. " 

"When I think about why I’m watching all of these horror movies, besides the just plain “I need to see more of these movies” side of it, there is an aspect to it where I think I’m searching for the expression of something like my own base horror, so I can better learn the language for expressing it, and thereby come to understand it better, and learn to live with it better.  There’s so many days I go through I feel a trapped scream at the back of my throat, and I don’t feel that I have the functioning vocabulary artistically to express that horror, but I think it is the main true thing about me.  Horror therapy."

Exhibit E

Exhibit F

I like trans people and I like things they do.

And if you made it this far, so do you.
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Jonas said...

When I read this post mental voice was that of William Shatner, there is qualities of beat poetry in your ruminations.

deleted said...

I was lucky enough to buy a box of trading cards of Jones's fantasy work a few years ago. Her figure drawings/paintings are brilliant.

Jonas said...

In same category as Frank Frazetta and Barry Windsor Smith, what I think S&S should look like.

Arnold K said...

Don't forget Jennell (Paul) Jaquays.

Vance A said...

... And Walter/Wendy Carlos