Friday, May 31, 2013

Take Ten Minutes And Do This

Here's a map.

Key it.

Now you have a back-up dungeon.

Some day you'll be glad you had it around.

Here's mine...


JDJarvis said...

I need a wayback machine I keyed this dungeon about 30 years ago. Its great for dungeon terrain variation but does have a curious lack of doors aside from a single secret door.

Bruno said...

"We cannot cross, there are cannibal mermaids!!!"
"No, it's fine, they're busy eating each other."
"Oh okay, cool."

Mach Piper said...

Eventually there will just be one left but what an epic Queen Bitch she will be ;)

Bruno said...

Oh man, hadn't thought of that... o_O
So the adventurers should be relieved if they see many, because they'll be cannibalizing each other... But if there's just one... "To hell with this, let's go back to the tavern." xD