Saturday, May 18, 2013

Terrain, Weird Sharks, & A Homemade Tank

Somebody asked so here's some of our homemade Warhammer 40k terrain. The picture will get pretty big if you click it.

It's made of random plastic stuff, hamster toys, military model kits, whatever was lying around.

I took a bunch of cameraphone pictures of it, to draw sci fi stuff from
I posted this yesterday but I'm posting it here for scale and so you can see how it's kinda fallen apart
This I didn't make: God did. It's called Helicoprion.

It either went extinct 250 million years or ago or never existed and isn't an exceptionally well-constructed internet hoax.

As you can see, nobody's quite sure what it looked like.

...though they are all sure it was fucked.
Speaking of fucked sharks, God also made this: it's a goblin shark

What exactly were you thinking, God?

It is indeed a lonely creature, being the only remaining representative of the Mitsukurinidae family. That's right: these things are still around.
This tank was made by Syrians.

They control it like this. The world is weird.



Timothy Paul Schaefer said...

I really like the 40K buildings.

Those sharks need some tecno-organic rockets on their backs and laser eyes.
Imagine one doing a flyby swipe with a cybernetic chainsaw nose.

gg said...

Helicoprion is definitely not an internet hoax, though the use of the whorl has been hotly debated for years. Very recently, there was a break in the "case":

Bruno said...

I've always found that goblin shark thing so creepy... Its freaking jaw will just shoot forward to bite! o_O