Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sew Its Balls To Its Thigh

We're shooting pretty soon.

Filled the house with bottled water and Dr Pepper, moved some furniture around.

This just went up. I like it. Sasha Grey and Kimberly Kane do an amazing Abbott & Costello impression.
Satine remains calm.
Connie is reckless and bold, as is her wont.
Frankie wants to
And Mandy says things that makes sense, despite having pink hair and boobs.

Also: Cameraman Benny pops up--as if visiting from the 19th century--to fact-check. Perhaps incorrectly.

Where's the TNT from? It's from an alchemists's lab Satine looted during our Thanksgiving game.

I did not expect them to chase the Spider Queen by just blowing through the wall. (And the unexpected is always good.)

As you can see from the sketch map, (with the pink indicating where they went) there's a lot of dungeon they would've had to go through if the Gordian knot hadn't been cut there.

The dungeon was set up so that on the first level down, you could see into a few of the rooms (the horizontal blue box shows which) but you couldn't go into them without going down one more level.

Closing the door was a smart move, all told, since all the monsters they avoided by going through the wall were behind it.


mordicai said...

Oh hey! Embedded here. Great! My work filter insists Escapist is a game I want to play, so I have to wait till I get home, usually, or have someone send me the embed code & then post it private on my blog & read it thuswise.

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode. Loved the drama with KK's axe-throwing roll and the jubilation at the resultant crit. And explosions (whether incendiary or bodily) are always great.

Keep up the great work, and don't listen to the haters on the Escapist.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Cameraman Benny was a neat cameo. You should base a character on him or something - I like the idea of Innkeep Benny, sideburns and all.

Adam Dickstein said...

I must say with all honesty that Mandy comes off (in both this blog and the videos) as a creative, experienced, well-informed and reasonable gamer par excellence. If you close your eyes and listen to her, the average person would swear she was a librarian type with coke bottle glasses. Though sometimes that's hot too.

I'm not sure if she is so awesome because she is who she is despite the pink hair and fantastic bod or because of it.

In conclusion, more great gamer girls with fantastic bodies and pink hair are needed.

That is all.

Adam Dickstein said...

Wait, just noticed Frankie has a Swamp Thing T-Shirt...


Unknown said...

Blow through the wall w/TNT - fucking priceless! Sounds like something the guys in my RIFTS group would do. And, I've noticed that Sasha is awesomely violent and vindictive - "Sew his balls to his thigh", WTF? What's her alignment anyway?

Mandy Morbid said...

Thank you for saying that about me Barking Alien, I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I love the blog, and eagerly anticipate the show each week. I do agree that the last couple of episodes have been better, though I've enjoyed them all.

I agree with Barking Alien that more hot, smart gamer girls are needed. You guys (the players) do a great job of setting a good example that the rest of them will soon (hopefully) follow.

Reverend mort said...

The mental image I got when I misheard Kimberly's "the force of my crit" combined with her hand motions was... interesting, if only because I actually began seeing how it would work.

That said, awesome episode. Any game with explosions is wicked, more so when fire and acid also gets to play. I'd vote for more Benny, but I dunno, I think having him show up too much might dilute his mysterious bearded stranger persona. Wouldn't wanna risk badass decay, after all. I mean, the mystery is what really makes him.

Where did he come from? Where does he go? Where does Berry end and the beard begin? What is his true purpose? Is he merely a cameraman or something more, something terrible yet amazing?

Stefan Poag said...

do you have a mailing addy? I've been enjoying the video and I'd like to send you guys something that you may enjoy; a diy thing for D&D.
if interested email me stefan(at)pair(dot)com.

christian said...

Right on, Zak. As usual, I see a bunch of people having a really good time. Keep on keepin' on.

Zak Sabbath said...

you forgot the rule:
No Giving ME GMing Advice Unless I Ask For It.

And of course my players don't listen--it's part of their charm.

Bard said...

I'm still watching the show, even though I don't understand half of it... Somebody should make subtitles... Just kidding. :-)

huth said...

I want that swamp thing shirt.

Caleb The Heretic said...

Sorry Zak, it wasn't intended to sound like a rule, but more like a hint of what you could try out... so i'd like to apologize for giving unwanted advice, won't happen again.

SirAllen said...

I think if he keeps up his mutton chops, Benny will look like the dungeon master in the old Saturday morning cartoon in 40 years.

Anonymous said...

Barking Alien, I agree completely about Mandy, I just didn't know who she is until your comment, so thanks for answering that question for me. :-)

Zak, just discovered this blog and am loving it and the videos of the gaming session, takes me back to games I ran (except for all the players being female and hot part :-)).

Anonymous said...

Zak! I have been poking around your blog. It's interesting and entertaining and I want some more of it!

I also watched all the I Hit It With An Axe I could find. It lacks a little of the magic of the Actual Play blog entries. Have you considered adding a little more of your authorial voice via voiceover or subtitle? I think the editing is amusing and shows a fair amount of your humor, but it needs a little something more, and I think you're too busy playing when you're on camera to add yuks on the fly.

Zak Sabbath said...


you're new here so i guess you don't know--i don't do requests. you get what you get.