Friday, April 16, 2010

2 Decent Monsters Start With Q

"Q" makes for an easy day to do the Alphabetical Monster Thing. One from the Monster Manual, and one from the Monster Manual 2. Which is good, because I have a siege to run this evening...


Like the imp, the quasit is a special evil familiar able to go retrieve six answers from Hell. Unlike the imp, it's a little less clear just from the name exactly what a quasit is. I mean, an "imp" is clearly some little mischief monsters. Quasit?

So: is it worth pulling out the Manual to point to this strange picture and say "the creature sitting on Red Vorjoon's shoulder looks just like this?" I think it is. It is a convincingly fiendish thing and its open mouth gives it a hollowed-out post-vomit look.

The imp delights in pushing you over the edge, the quasit sinks its claws into you and drags you down. The imp has personality--the quasit is a frce off nature. You get the feeling the imp will be rewarded and transformed into something bigger and eviller when it's all over whereas the quasit is just a small sucking malice now and forever.


Glancing at the DnD 4 Monster Manual I notice that the foppish quickling (a sort of superfast fairy elf) had been turned into a more standardized feral elf/gollum hybrid. I don't like it. (Shocking, I know.)

The new quickling is just another goblin with a trick up its sleeve--the old one suggested an entire lunatic section of forest full of lace clad hyper-Keeblers doing everything fast all the time with fast clocks and fast weapons and fast holidays and fast fasting and fast duels and fast weddings and fast divorces and fast funerals and fast pets.


Tom said...

What?!? You don't like the Qullan? Or the Quasi-Elemental? Capitalist!

Jonathan said...

So, how did the siege go?

Zak Sabbath said...


got last-minute postponed til tonight.

ravenconspiracy said...

I hate the quickling because several of the old timers in the gaming community round here had endless stories about thier quickling PCs from 1e.

Listening to someone muse about thier PC is difficult, like listening to someone tell about a dream, and unless carefully constructed it is almost always boring as hell.

Listening to a quickling PC story is like listening to someone unironically brag about beating up several toddlers.

God I hate quicklings.