Monday, March 13, 2023

From the upcoming book

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Spread one--the Legend
The Nebulith now

Awa Nikko Hexmap, contents below


(areas marked with a * have their own section elsewhere in the book)

1. The Collar* and The Nebulith* (east)  The frozen ash-cloud and the city/flotilla around it.

2. The Collar* and The Nebulith* (west)

3. Zakimi Castle* Home of the daimyo, Lord Falling Wave, who indirectly  rules the isle of Awa Nikko

4. Iron Crag Castle Massive ruins of the home of a now-forgotten lord, its corridors and partial walls housing a series of brackish pools.

5.  The Eagle’s Egg Most prominent of the bizarre rock formations that dot the Awa Nikkan coast, considered a sacred place by the Yuta and a home to sea spirits.

6. Scarred Slope The largest inland town on the island, a good place to find supplies, provisions and hirelings.

7. Crypt of the Dozen Kings / Tamaudun* A forbidden place, home to twelve past kings of Awa Nikko, they are long dead, yet it is whispered that they yet walk.

8. Dragon’s Cave* A group of pirates has somehow captured an ancient dragon and confined it here.

9. Temple of Salted Plums/Umeboshi A meeting place for the yuta, built into a cliff.

10. Dojo of the White Deer* Formerly a bullfighting arena, now home to school of archery for women.

11. Village of Four Bridges Known for its stone arena, where villagers gamble on battles between captured  jungle creatures.

12. Lost Toad Temple A cursed but once-peaceful place, the worshippers are gone but a colony of giant carnivorous toads remains.

14.  Nanzan-ti Dojo* Generations of soldiers and bodyguards to great lords train in the martial arts here.

15. Chuzan-ti Dojo* The supposed “most dangerous place on Earth” where the assassins of the mid-island style train and brew their poisons.

16. Hokuzan-ti Dojo* Villagers flock from miles around to learn to defend themselves in what once was a great castle.

17. Temple of Torn Blossoms One of the most scenic of local temples, a place of generosity and mercy, where clerics will heal travelers for a reasnable donation.

18. White Jade Temple A beautiful but secretive temple, where the clerics are said to worship dark gods.

19. Nanzan-ti Castle* and surrounds- Home of King Shō Shishō and the Awa Nikko royal family, nobility, artists, aristocrats, shop keepers and foreign emissaries . Puppet monarch of the island’s old lineage kept in place by mainland interests, secretly taxed by the daimyo.


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Suspended ash cloud is a delight. Wants to climb its edges, anchor into the gaps where moisture got out.javascript:void(0)

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Compelling tidbits. I'm very excited to see the finished product.

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This looks amazing. Count me in for a copy of the finished product, probably will gift a copy or two as well.

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This looks fantastic, I really like the creativity. Also the art is fantastic.

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I said fantastic twice, and I stand by that.

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