Saturday, April 18, 2020

Tower of the Octophant, Drownesia, etc.

Like I posted earlier, I'm making all the game stuff I use at home, including projects LotFP cancelled after Raggnarok available to y'all.

Today, some outside adventures:

Iguana Isle, The Megacorpse, Tower of the Octophant and Drownesia

This four-pack of one-page (ish) places and situations is all about sailing and exploration. The first is a pirate fortress where PCs can try to blend in or just take over, the others are set in Drownesia (or Southeast Asia)--investigating the body of a god being picked at by pterodactyls, an elephant-headed ogre, and a Drownesian princess bride in need of foreigners rescuing from her dinosaur-riding groom.

Includes a 7 page pdf plus a simple map for players to use and a lots of pictures, including the fully-illustrated way-too-much-effort two-page spread "cheat sheet" I use at home for Isle of the Octophant (previewed below).

$5.04$ mail me to arrange payment via app zakzsmith AT hawtmayle and I'll send the pdfs or, if you can't use payment apps (like you live outside the US), just tip me here (membership is free, you won't be billed) and then send me your email address and tell me you want Cube World #4.

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