Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Video Where I Talk All About the Marvel Superheroes Game...

I'm talking about Marvel Super Heroes/FASERIP--Jeff Grubb's masterpiece--
And also talk about a buncha other superhero games probably--and why they're worse.

I make very large claims for this game--it is unparaleled and has a great deal to teach game designers.

It'll be here in about an hour…

To see more of me blathering about that game, click the FASERIP tag at the bottom of this post.


Unknown said...

I read one of the modules, Mephisto had captured galactus and buried him in a sea of all the victims of the planets that galactus ate. I thought that was great, but then the module expects the players to rescue galactus.
yeah, just leave him in there.

Mark said...

I used to play this back in jr high school, 1988 or 89 I guess it was so different at the time , and so good, I would love to revisit the game with new eyes... though i'm an idiot when it comes to comics, never really read them.

Unknown said...

Great podcast. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Mr. S

Unknown said...

really enjoyed this. i still play ffrom time to time