Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things To Know About Ferox The Incinerator

She is an ancient blue dragon of the largest size.

She is a localized magnetic anomaly.

She sky fortress looms above the sci fantastic jungles of the Cobalt Reach.

She is indifferent to the warring factions of clones and jackal-headed En Gorath worshippers that infest her lair like weevils.

She has an egg.

Where did she get an egg?

I guess there's another dragon.

Unless I want to invent Weird Dragon Reproduction Rules...

I don't.

1. Bite
2. Claw grapple
3. Rip everything metal off you, through you, toward her
4-5 Lightning breath
6. Weird blue magic from eating the brains of wizards

The skylike expanse of her terrible wings crackles outward and the air burns like dead ozone.

She may or may not possess the Antikythera Device.

She fought Vorn, lord of Rust and Rain, before the world was made.

It was she who pulled his eyes out and threw them in the sea.

Her clerics wear slitted helmets with spiralling horns.

She is partial to granting her clerics the following spells, by level:

1: Command, Shocking Grasp (as MU)
2: Wyvern Watch
3: Cloudburst
4: Abjure
5: Ebony Tendrils, Insect plague
6: Blade Barrier
7: Control Weather

She is worshipped by dwellers in the Reach, and by users of strange devices.


David Pretty said...

My first level dwarf paladin opts for a "fighting withdrawal" against Ferox The Incinerator.

Pekka said...

If your dragon is a reptile, parthenogenesis wouldn't be out of the question. I prefer my magical creatures to be impregnated by the north wind or alchemy rather than have two dragon or unicorns lay their eggs in the river or bone in the moonlight.

The Greek sex between two dissimilar creatures is cool though.

Jack said...

So does Vorn have some kind of sees-through-ravens thing going on, like Odin?
(I might be misremembering Odin)

Mattias said...

Obviously ancient dragons have Clerics....

Alec Semicognito said...

Certain electromagnetic events can cause the lines of magnetic force flowing through Ferox to close off into loops, which then separate from her. These loops are her eggs. They have the potential over long periods to become sentient magnetic anomalies like her.

Gus L said...

Perhaps it's Vorn's Egg? I mean that's some pretty creation myth stuff there.

Unknown said...

in the game that I GM, Ferox rules over (Vornheim). a condition I was trying to meet was to have Ferox perpetrate a new and/or false religion. Recently a cloud city got frozen by an extra-dimensional blast 'O cold and it fell from the sky into the ocean becoming an iceberg city. From there simply anyone who is anyone sent agents to check it out. Ferox (randomly) sent a greenscale horse, when I looked at the description it stated that the greenscale's serve Tiamat. Tiamat does not yet exist in our game world ... so, Ferox leads to Tiamat in two universes and counting. That's all.