Sunday, November 18, 2012

Notes on Notes + Some Pictures

As soon as I got my physical copy of Carcosa, I did this. Another advantage to that book being small and thick rather than big-and-thin like most RPG books.

Publishers--is it possible to get things from the factory like this? Or at least do thumb indexes?

The illegible notes along the bottom edges are the local races keyed to the Carcosa races ("purple men= were rats", "red men = jackalmen" etc.) so I can convert the hexes as I read.

So far the hexes require remarkably little conversion to do a passable impression of Drownesia or Cobalt Reach.  And there's lots of empty space for notes on each hex, so the dungeons and cities that make up the meat of the campaign can get stuck in anywhere...

And now some random D&Dable pictures...


  1. A professor in college once told me: a book isn't yours till you write in it. What you've done is made it yours AND a whole lot easier to navigate. Great idea.

  2. It's possible but tricky, very tricky. Especially working within the variable tolerances of POD.

  3. Love that last pic from the old Moon Knight comic.

  4. yay 80s moonknight!

    i have hardcover carcosa - beautiful edition - i couldnt do this to it - but i use temporary sticky tabs - sadly i often buy or not buy books from touch alone - sad to get a pdf - like it and cant touch the real deal - i think this is an illness/book fetish