Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Took 15 Minutes. Try it.

The Land Of Xai
(assuming PCs sail the shortest route)
Day one
Dead calm sea (lose a day of movement)

Day two
Aquatic elf

Day three

Day four
Dead calm sea (lose a day of movement)

Day five
A medium-sized passing ship is sighted. What is it?
5 weird pirates (6th level) but accompanied by 8 crowmen.

Day six

Day seven
Clouds form and skies darken

Day eight
Bad weather--Make 8 control or piloting rolls to avoid damage to the ship. Failure results in...
Something caught in the rudder--someone needs to climb down there and get it. There are dire sharks.

(you land)
A crumbling aqueduct.
Ruin of an old castle.
Hill -- you can see 8 miles in every direction...
A vast dry sea, now a plain composed of fused fish bones, in the middle the source of this death
The Temple of the Bitter God (surrounded by mist)
A snake infested temple of an obscure faith based on the worship of burn victims
At first, the PCs will see eight towers. Each has about 4 defenders visible (there are actually 32 defenders total) and about 1 will arrive per round in the case of an alarm. Most of these devildwarves are cloned and are mounted on panthers. The outer walls are 12 feet tall and the towers extend 5 feet above them.
*Due to the condition of the walls, climb checks are at minus four.
*The lowest windows are 9 feet up.
*The initial volley from the towers in case of an unexpected attack will be crossbow fire. The second volley in case of a siege, an anticipated attack, or a small but persistent raiding party (like a bunch of PCs) will consist of flaming arrows or bolts.
*Additional security measures include:
A moat 100 feet across and a 48 foot curving causeway across it. A gatehouse with inner portcullises that cut off the gatehouse at both ends. A winding staircase 80 feet long in front of the front gate. A series of secondary walls--25 feet tall. There are 7 inner towers.

This is a desolate area. The garrison is low on supplies. May trade or run outta arrows
It is ruled by two wizards...
The Butcher of Brides
male wizard (-Lvl 10-) Str: 11 Dex: 11 Int: 12 Wis: 9 Con: 10 Cha: 3
(Charisma 3? Wow. No wonder he lives in a lonely temple surrounded by devildwarves.)
Ferret. He has a ferret. Satine's dead PCs ferret(?).
The Numinous Conqueror of the Labyrinth
male mage (-Lvl 13-) Str: 12 Dex: 9 Int: 14 Wis: 9 Con: 10 Cha: 6
plays war games using miniaturized diseases
Their spell pool includes:
-New And Disturbing Limb, Otto's Irresistible Dance, Yoink! (one object transferred from target to caster)
Inside is The Blind Chamber, a maze:
Exits (clockwise from North) First exit: Accidentally/organically "trapped"--the architecture falls apart in a dangerous way when you attempt to open this door. Because recent fighting in the complex has fucked it up. Second exit:Doorless archway.

Inside: a cyclops and also: a scythe
Annoying Knox Harrington-esque visitor (female sage) who just happens to be there when intruders show up (if they came in via b&e then assume the visitor's unconscious on the sofa or something) and who assumes the PCs are friends, family or employees of the homeowner and generally behaves like a hilarious rube to the best of the DMs ability.
a narwhal horn smoking pipe
a copper armband, inlaid with medium scorpion chitin.

This adventure courtesy of these Abulafia tables:


Hartful said...

Beautiful haha

scrap princess said...

aaaah yeah the

A vast dry sea, now a plain composed of fused fish bones, in the middle the source of this death

is one of mine!

I admit however, it was swiped from chronochross..

Unknown said...

Mmmm.. the Butcher of Brides. Good name. Think I might " steal" that one from you.

Jesse said...

Oh I want to go on that adventure. Also - it looks like we've reached the 'monkeys with typewriters have recreated Shakespeare' stage of adventure-by-random-generator development. It's a great time to be a DM.