Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Their World At War

-Jeremy Friesen whipped up this neat Wartime Village generator. Since I'll probably use this for the Dracula/Bathory War thing I made a split-column version of a few of the tables in the Vornheim format for faster village-making (read once and read straight across or roll 5 times). The "interesting events" part isn't on here, but that's the best part, so definitely check out the original post.

I do think the indie gamer only-using-d6s thing is hilariouscute.


Koep said...

Taken and added to my DM binder, thanks.

About the "hilariouscute d6-indie-gamer" comment. Have you taken a look at the AGE system from Green Ronin? It's pretty nice considering I have only DM'd using 4e. I keep feeling myself being pulled to it. My simple mind is satisfied by simplistic rules I guess.

Alex J. said...

The village is in ruins and the villagers are paranoid, despite the fact that they have supplies for a year and have never been raided. Perhaps the Lord of the Manor is insane? The villagers have been hiding their food in the wilderness to escape confiscatory taxes? Hmm.

huth said...

@ alex.

Ergot poisoning.