Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Their World At War

-Jeremy Friesen whipped up this neat Wartime Village generator. Since I'll probably use this for the Dracula/Bathory War thing I made a split-column version of a few of the tables in the Vornheim format for faster village-making (read once and read straight across or roll 5 times). The "interesting events" part isn't on here, but that's the best part, so definitely check out the original post.

I do think the indie gamer only-using-d6s thing is hilariouscute.


  1. Taken and added to my DM binder, thanks.

    About the "hilariouscute d6-indie-gamer" comment. Have you taken a look at the AGE system from Green Ronin? It's pretty nice considering I have only DM'd using 4e. I keep feeling myself being pulled to it. My simple mind is satisfied by simplistic rules I guess.

  2. The village is in ruins and the villagers are paranoid, despite the fact that they have supplies for a year and have never been raided. Perhaps the Lord of the Manor is insane? The villagers have been hiding their food in the wilderness to escape confiscatory taxes? Hmm.