Monday, October 3, 2011

Constantcon Has Its Own Page + LA event

Whoa, check that out.

Thanks to John for doing that.

I will continue to do my wednesday posts for a while just because:

A) Some people won't get the memo,
B) Redundancy is good when a process is in a fragile stage, and
C) Maybe John is really like the NYPD and is like "sure, come on over here, no problem" and then when we get there he'll round us up and arrest us. (Remote possibility, I admit.)

Anyway John and I will do our best to share info and please do add that page to your blogroll if you're interested in videochat games.


P.S. If you're in LA and are a fan of Driz'zt or Satine Phoenix, RA Salvatore, author of the Forgotten Realms books is doing an event at Meltdown comics. Check their page.

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Unknown said...

More like the security organs of the FAI.