Saturday, November 20, 2010

Playtesters Wanted...

I well know that the D&DWPS crew has its own distinctive way of doing things, so I'd like to test out a few of the location-based adventures that will be in the Vornheim City Kit on some other groups before unleashing them on the public.

The ones I most want to test are the higher-level locations, since those are the ones where chaos theory really takes hold and difficulty levels and survival rates can vary wildly from group to group.

So: if anybody out there wants to DM a mid-level adventure (4-10--which is a wide swath, I know, but a little playtesting may narrow it down) for their group and give me a report, write to me at zakzsmith at hot mail dawt calm. The adventures are relatively system-agnostic for D&D types I-III.5 and retroclones (they are playable in other systems but since I'm testing for design flaws here I'm sticking to the "native" systems for the playtest--if you play it in Warhammer or Type 4 and it comes out all wonky, that may be more your fault than mine).

I got two locations I'd like to test--specify in your email whether you want the more city-integrated leave-and-come-back-if-you-want location or the more dungeony one.

Also: I only want a handful of testers for each--I kinda would like to make it so that not everybody has seen parts of the kit before it comes out.

I can't pay you but if the Kit does well I may kick you some cash in a fit of largesse, and you'll get credited in the book.


  1. Sounds interesting. What sort of levels are they for?

  2. Oh how annoying. My group is taking a break from our regular campaign for a couple of weeks, so I'm running a short game in the gap. It's already been chosen, but if the timing had worked out, I'd have signed up for this.

    The next time I run something, it'll be back to my Rogue Trader campaign, and that's not going to work.


  3. Wish I could do this but I'm short on time T_T

  4. Very nice. Looking forward to seeing more progress on this.

    Think I'll try my hand at adapting it to type 4 in the near future.

  5. Damn. Smack in the middle of Dark Tower for the next few months. Well, I guess I'll just be surprised when I buy it.

  6. The 3e group I am in might be interested. We are 4th level. We could play it up from 4 through 10. Just let me know.

  7. I'm a little late to the party -- still looking for playtesters?

  8. Also just now noticing this, but my group may be able to do some playtesting using Pathfinder (which is sort of a "retroclone" of 3.5...kinda).

    We're on hiatus for this week, and next week (which is my fault) but beyond that this might be a fun diversion from out weekly game.