Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The DM Doesn't Hate You, He Just Represents People Who Do

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  1. Someone likes Bombay Blue Sapphire, aye?

  2. That was so wrong.

    From, "It's only a dog" on.

    I like most dog more than I like most people.

    That said...freakin' hilarous. Also, two thumbs up for Mandy. Captain Canuck rules!

  3. From the messy table to the hand-made character sheets I enjoy getting a peak at your gaming sessions.

    I don't quite know how a dog being wielded as an actual weapon would look, but the imagery fits right in with the rest of the zaniness. Totally dig it.

  4. One imagines it would look a lot like the dog lunging at you, eyes full of savage violence.

    Except, y'know, for the little 'x' over it's pupils and the lack of non-inertial movement on the dog's part.

    I like to think it was KK's way of giving him the send-off any warrior would want, taking one final blow at the foe who felled you from beyond the grave.

  5. What's the damage on a Dead Dog projectile, anyway?

  6. Well, based on p 303 of the 3.5 DMG, and assuming that as a War Dog, the canine in question weighs about 150 lbs and further assuming KK can throw the dog about 30', and lastly noting that being thrown or tumbled sideways seems to be a d4 damage/10' shoved, compared to a d6 for 10' fall, I'd say the dog does about 3d4 damage.

    I would imagine such 'fastball specials' would have a penalty to hit however. probably -2 for an unwieldy weapon and -4 for non-proficiency for a -6 overall.