Saturday, November 28, 2009

I've Created A Monster (Well, I've created lots of monsters and if you're reading this you probably have, too, but anyway...)

"Hey Mandy, want to roll on tuesday?"


"Ok, tell Frankie," (Frankie's never played, but she's always wanted to play.)

"Ok, and Julia," (Julia'd never heard of D&D, but now wants to play because Frankie's playing.)

"And me!" (That's Cricket, Cricket is a guitar-playing Suicide Girl who thinks D&D sounds really lame and dorky, but wants to play because her friends will be playing.)

"Oh, and Kimberly says she wants to play." (Kimberly is a three-time AVN award winning porn actress who thinks D&D is dorky, and has, in the past, said "Oh jesus no" when asked to play. And says she will show up wearing a cloak.)

"Oh, and should I ask..."

"Ok, wait, before you ask anybody else, just let me check if the regulars are coming so I know at least three of the people who will be there have actually have played D&D and know they like it and want to play, ok?"


We'll see how this works out...


Jayson said...

We've had an exponentiation of neophytes in our group as well. Should be fun.

How'd the hungover DMing go?

Adam Dickstein said...

Damn that's cool. And not just new players but so many women playing the game! It does this ol' heart good.

Ok, hearts...but really now you're just being technical.

Anonymous said...

I never get hungover. But post-drunk DMing went fine, I'll probably post about the trick I used soon.

I'm still worried. We'll see...

DestroyYouAlot said...

We (myself and another sympathetic DM) have successfully pulled off this transformation, only on all the punks in Worcester, MA (maybe not quite as impressive, but possibly more of an uphill battle). We've got practically all the kids in town playing OOP D&D at this point, to where we're turning away players - much to the chagrin of one of our (practically our only at this point) non-gamer friends, who now can't have a conversation without D&D coming up and his storming off muttering about "nerds." LOLOLOL

Making gamers out of friends (rather than friends out of gamers) FTW.


Anonymous said...

If this many people, most of whom are friends of players in your group, suddenly WANT to play it means that you've been doing things right in IMPARTING AND IMBUING THE AWESOME on your players.

So good on ya, man.

Anonymous said...

The best part about creating monsters is not having to run the game all of the time. Pathfinder druid, time to play.

Back in college I enjoyed getting international students to play. Not as much fun as convincing them to take acid, but a lot of great insights came from running AD&D and Vampire back then.

Chris said...

Newb swarms; sometimes a headache, but always fun.

Here's hoping they all contract a virulent case of the nerd bug.