Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dead Giveaway

Two weeks ago, I had to postpone a game because one of my players had a last-minute photo shoot, one was being flown to Dubai by a dominatrix friend's client, and one of them was (probably) having sex with Dave Navarro.

So--sometimes--with my players, I worry: I hope that, of all the things that my players could be doing with their free time in LA, that playing D&D regularly will keep seeming like fun.

So I'm thinking about all this while helping Connie (up there on the left this morning, on stage at one of Hollywood's better-known strip clubs the rest of the week) roll up her first-ever character.

So she's got a rogue. Ok. It's a half-elf. (Half-elves are phenomenally popular with the ladies here for some reason.) Ok. Bunch of 15's--so far so good. This is fun right? Right?

She rolled her 4d4 for gold pieces, and went shopping. Got some leather armor, then I said:

"So, now you can get weapons, here's the list..."

"Am I allowed to stars?"

Oh yeah.

I stopped worrying right there.


Matthew Slepin said...

You certainly have unique player issues. I'm 99% sure that I never lost a player to having sex with Dave Navarro.

E.G.Palmer said...

Dubai, why the hell would anyone pass up Dungeons & Dragons for Dubai? And Dave Navarro? Come on, it's not like he's Lemmy or something. Your players need to learn commitment. heh...

Adam Dickstein said...

Personally I'm torn. Sex and/or winning the lottery are the only two things I would skip a day of gaming for. Oh and the lottery excuse would be for only long enough to pick up my winnings.

Sturat said...

The Half Elf thing doesn't seem surprising. They are the product of inter-species sex. And if real elves suddenly appeared, wouldn't your crew be fighting to get to the front of the line for a piece of that?

Knightsky said...

"Am I allowed to stars?"

Heh. One of us!